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  • aurin_res aurin_res Jan 28, 2013 8:29 PM Flag time you want to claim you made a trade using "Charles Scwab"...

    They charge $8.95 a trade (not $7.16) like you tried to claim on your papertrade. Also, don't claim you purchased 15K shares @ $1.79 then paste an order for 12K shares @ $1.79 with a $7.16 fee! LOL

    12K shares @ $1.79 would be $21,480 + $8.95 fee = $21,488.95! Not $21,487.16!

    Try harder next time, clown!



    by littlezach1 . 58 minutes ago . Permalink .

    One of my trades- 12/13/2012 Buy 12,000 OCZ OCZ Technology GRP New $1.79 -$21,487.16

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    • Had a nice dinner with my wife and just tried to post a link to a screenshot. Sadly, Yahoo doesn't allow it. So here's a rundown:

      12,000 @ $1.79 -$21,487.16 $7.16
      100 @ $1.7891 -$178.97 $.06
      2,600 @ $1.78 -$4,629.55 $1.55
      300 @ $1.7798 -$534.12 $.18

      That's a whopping 2% of my portfolio.

      I would ask you for a numbers to prove you actually own shares but I think we all know you're a liar, a paper trader, and a bully. I think I speak for everyone here when I say I hope you get hit by a bus. Or at least a sizable car.


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      • 2 Replies to littlezach1
      • You claimed a few weeks ago to owned 15K shares @ $1.79. Then today claimed you only owned 12K @ $1.79 I had to remind you of your papertraders.

        Then 2 hours later, you realized you were wrong and had to post something to fix your papertrade lies. Now some magical screen shot exists that you won't e-mail me. You didn't calculate fees correctly. Now you claimed to own a $1.3M portfolio yet don't know your fees? LOL

        Keep the lies coming, clown!

        Don't get mad you got called out and can't prove anything! Now little boy, tuck your tail between your legs and run along. So sad you claim you have a $1.3M portfolio but get clowned on these boards. LOL



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      • So sad I had to tell you the fees @ Swchab and I had to remind you that you claimed you bought 15K shares instead of 12K shares. LOL

        Just e-mail me your screen shot so I can have a good laugh. It is also funny you are claiming to have a $1.3M portfolio now. LOL


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    • urin you are the funniest guy i ever seen on these MB now you are after all the longs as paper traders? have you gone short again?

      let me ask this. just exactly how did you buy your 50k shares? i need a good laugh....

    • Not sure which clown is worse - pipster1234, littlezach1, or dbaser97! LOL

      Best was dbaser97 claiming to buy/sell stocks without knowing what a brokerage account was!


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