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  • domino54 domino54 Feb 4, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    america loves comeback stories

    if a person can get away with murder then when 2 super bowls, don't you think ocz can at least make it back to 5?

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    • They have essentially started this strategy over two years ago, I dare say this is OCZ make or break year. They really need an OEM deal and you hear of companies like Asus asking for an SSD Oem deal. You would have to think to even be talking to MSFT they have been trying to lay the ground works. The problem is the longer it goes the more it becomes a service and sell that is why I think companies like FIO and OCZ are going to have a tough time and EMC, IBM take the cake. Essentially I am now viewing this company as needing a major OEM to really survive, they could go into middle markets and win little contracts but that is probably easier won through a Dell or MSFT type of service. Consumer probably can keep them afloat but OEM is almost a must on the SSD. FIO is showing us that in their numbers and everyone is been saying how great they are and they can not even double revenue in a year come on. The market is still going to be in mass media for them and it would be nice to enter the tv or gaming market. Their is so much potential but they need to find some friends and not bed buddies unless it is a one night stand and leave the money on the table.

    • doubt it, when RS comes out with all the baggage it holding from ryan pumping and dumping this crud, you see a world of pain.