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  • madcoweater1 madcoweater1 Feb 7, 2013 7:37 AM Flag

    Its All About Product Development

    RS mentioned that they were tweaking the controller for specific applications. Creating ground breaking custom applications of SSD is the only way a small firm like OCZ can survive in the long term. As I have mentioned before, there is a gigantic opportunity for SSD in the video editing, search and facial recognition. The intelligence community has been trying to come up the a video search that could pick a face out of a crowd in real time for decades. This is nearly impossible with HDD but may be possible with SSD (heavily depending on the amount of people in the shot). There are literally hundreds of highly disruptive applications for SSD in science, big data, simulation, modeling, super computing , security etc. that need to be tweaked for maximum throughput.

    A portfolio of innovative, high margin applications would make OCZ very attractive to a wide range of industry players. In the end, that's what an acquirer is buying, cheap product development.

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    • The intelligence community has been trying to come up the a video search that could pick a face out of a crowd in real time for decades.


    • so you want ocz to create search software? lol. leave that to google.

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      • Well you have to have software developers always but there are some big opportunities in business data analytics. Companies that are starting to grow are Pentaho they just signed with Xratex over in Europe. Personally that would be one of my core strategies is to team up with these new business Analytica data companies and storage companies as well. There is more out other than EMC. Essentially you have to do as what MSFT is doing and develop your own ecosystem to build opportunity and maybe partner with Dell as being partners with those Business Analytical firms until then. So the ecosystem looks like Business Data Analytics, Storage and Cloud, Computer developers, and then establish secotors and of course you would be the hardware and some software but you create an ecosystem such as Apple and MSFT are doing phone, computer, tv, business sector and consumer.

    • Yup only way to survive in this area against the big guns is to create IP to differentiate and have a niche. RS gets it.

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      • only FIO gets it, they have the SDK to provie it.

      • I agree with niche market but you have to be able to service these accounts and build distributorships and service contracts and that cost alot of money. Essentially marketing is going to have go pick a few key market segements and drive through those whether it is gaming, defense and healthcare or other cloud processes. The product will not be the problem it will be the service end of that issue. On top of that you can see why the software side is so important to be able to compete. The smart thing to do while letting Vector series stabilize you is too really get that software component built out even if you look like FIO to a degree that is okay but you have a full product suite.

    • Exactly. That's why the 1.14B offer from Seagate was real. They would about ready to pull the trigger. When they saw that RP was a horrible CEO the stepped back. Now that RS is getting OCZ's house in order you will see many more players step up to the plate.