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  • playmemd2001 playmemd2001 Feb 13, 2013 12:04 PM Flag


    The real reason so many negative articles lately is the BIG SHORT money is attempting to cover WITHOUT raising the price significantly. Hard to cover 20 million short shares unless you are good at manipulation. Why was there 20 million shares short? They banked on a delisting big time, then cover under a dollar. After the SEC agreement, they knew that was history. They also know RS is cleaning up the #$%$ so time is of the essence. What to do? Pay some #$%$ writers to say the same thing over and over and see if you can scare some selling. Well, that has been working pretty well for them. They expected under $2 but with Blackrock and others bringing in new buying money, they are trying to keep it in the low 2's. The proof? 20 million short shares is down to 16.4 million. It will continue to decline until positive news is out. Then the #$%$ hits the fan and a massive short squeeze is on. They are doing some of the recent buying, only way the short interest is down. they will play whatever the 10q's have that is negative to the hilt, hoping no buyout offers come shortly after to burn them.

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    • the reason shorts are down has nothing to do with your theory! the best place to get shares to short with are from institutional owners. they the ones who lend them out, since they closed out their positions it is hard to find shares to short with.

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      • pipster, one of your DUMBEST posts I have ever seen, and you do have a lot of dumb posts. If what you are saying is correct and it is not, then the 16 million shares short would be forced to cover and replace once the institutions got out if they did get out. So thank you for showing the board you are totally CLUELESS. LMAO at you

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      • smfw816 Feb 13, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

        nope. your wrong. at the end of the day even as a retail investor your shares (for the most part) are held with your clearing firm and they can lend them out all day long. it has zero to do with an institution closing out a position. if they sold out of a position the shares dont just disappear they just go into someone else's account where they will then be lent out and if the person wants to sell then they get called back... hence one of the main reasons why stocks settle T+3 to give time for the money to change hands and shares be returned then delivered.