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  • dbaser97 dbaser97 Mar 6, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    42k shares traded 3% up

    seems all large block holders have bailed

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    • Thats makes me worried I have not seen many this week and the 42 dude is usally playing the sell side, I have his patterns figured out so probably a different one today, but you bring up a good point there have not been any major buy side support this week, they will bail before the quarter ends if they smell fear and doom, but then again that is what only 30 percent institution now and that only about 20 million shares so not alot there either.

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      • right exactly, 20M shares left and a big portion of that is Blackrock that just came into the game to make a position move. No one left in this to sell. This is about as bottom of a area as you are going to get on anything. If Brock is willing to make a 5% of the company bet then I think i feel pretty safe make my smaller 80K bet on the equity. Think I'm going to stay away from the options on this one though, the spreads are too high for me.