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  • billbill722003 billbill722003 Mar 6, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    financing or deal coming soon?

    ocz has either reached a financial deal or is very close either with large enterprise, private investor or wf.
    here's an interesting piece, there are others that can use controllers and especially the software.;
    Here is a quick-and-dirty rundown of PCIe flash card suppliers and their alliances:

    EMC - a potential powerhouse but it must link its software to backend arrays as soon as possible or server makers could freeze it out.
    Fusion-io - software is the key and Fusion-io already knows this.
    IBM-TMS - we're still waiting for IBM to add TMS flash to its servers and get busy on software driver front.
    Intel-Micron - it owns foundries, has distribution channels and it's getting software.
    LSI - no foundry link-up but potentially has a good distribution channel although it needs software.
    OCZ - no foundry link-up and in crisis.
    Samsung - can sell PCIe flash on the back of memory and flash chips to system manufacturers so it's potentially strong - but it needs software.
    Seagate-Virident - needs a flash foundry tie-up and that could be Samsung.
    STEC - its high-flying SSD business stalled, although it's now recovering, but it has no foundry tie-up so question marks remain.
    Toshiba-SanDisk-Violin - a potential powerhouse

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    • Companies only need software if they plan on competing in the systems business. Not sure why Samsung will need software. Did Seagate need software to manage an array of hard drives to compete in the component business? To me it all boils down to who will be the next EMC and who will be the next Seagate. The world needs both but it's not clear who will be who yet.

    • I can't imagine what CEO's in their right mind want to keep OCZ in this game. It makes zero sense for a small very performance/high tech player with teeth to stick around and have the potential to some day grow up and hurt them with the quality of engineers they have. Someone HAS TO BUY OCZ eventually and the CEO's know it, they are at 100M MC for cripes sakes, if hostile buyouts were an option they would be long bought out by now. A company like OCZ has 0% chance to go out of business due to the fact that there is way to much private equity available in silicon valley. It's coming down right now to RS on what price he is willing to sell at and what price the companies are willing to pay. It's probably in debate right now in the $500-600M range for OCZ's price tag between many interested parties. Companies are probably offering him $400M and he just doesn't want to take that and to be honest if he wants to grind it out, he doesn't have to.

    • You would think so because Violin Memory basically just released an in your face press release to OCZ and the market the other day. It said they have Toshiba supplying the Nand for their PCI business and that their were competing on a price basis.
      I am wondering why they have not released anything with WF yet, I dare say they won the Azure and the other stuff was hope, that is why I am waiting to see the next conference, they have to address so many things.

    • seagate already has a foundry agreement with seagate, what a sht article