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  • tvtman tvtman Mar 13, 2013 6:57 AM Flag

    "Smoking" Alpha; a little late this morning.

    I would have expected Thing-1 and Thing-2 to have a couple of blogs out by now. Now that BK and Dilusion is "TOTALLY" off the Table I'm trying to guess what they will be scrapping off the floor now.

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    • I do not think you should waste your time with people like Austin or Pip. These people short the stock and will find whatever reason to argue. It is really sad that some of the pretend professionals such as ashraf also lack basic understanding.

      For example, it is very easy to understand why WF is out and new lender is in. WF is a commercial bank and have their own set of risk tolerance. It does not matter that OCZ is getting better by the day. This is not the type of business WF wants to be in regardless of extra basis points WF can earn. People like austin has no idea who credit committee works in a bank.

      The new lender is also the evidence that the worst is over. The new lender is in high risk business. They do not have to lend everyday so they always cherry pick. It is rediculous to think that they have not studies the books and understand what is going on, especially how business is going for the last 90-120 days. But the shorties are in denial and do not want to admit.

      I am hoping that people like austin and ashraf can drive the price lower before April because I will buy more if that happens.

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      • Very good points, and my thinking exactly. This company is in an area of tech that is still in its infancy. It should be expected that they have to pay a risk premium to a lender, and that not all lenders will want to finance this sort of company. Anyone looking for OCZ to cut a low interest rate deal with no upside to the lender is in a fantasy world. I'd rather see this then funding through continued issuance of stock, especially at the current PPS.

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    • austinwcraig Mar 13, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

      Patience Mr. Short, patience. Good things take time. The most interesting thing here is seeing the crowd group think on the subject. OCZ has a loan under worse terms for less money. Yet the unwashed masses think BK and Dilution are off the table (never mind the 8-K terms that say OCZ must raise additional money).

      This is small fries though, for the big picture OCZ must achieve profitability. It does not matter how much money they manage to borrow if its all going to go down the pipes.

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      • Do you even understand bankruptcy? When and why companies and people apply? It is a chance to be economically reborn AFTER falling into MASSIVE debt. Please, educate yourselves before ranting about BK. OCZ does not have the profile of a company that will file anytime the foreseeable (1 year) future. You do yourself and shareholders an injustice every time you mention it. Get real!

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