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  • richard.lynn17 richard.lynn17 Mar 26, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Roaring Steamer

    Your girlfriend is disapointed and told me that you are packing something the size of an 80 year old, arthritic feable old lady's thumb--same shape too(about like a mini gherkin). She also said that it turns her stomach when that eyedropper of poison, from your shrivel, comes sputtering out after about 20 seconds of you climbing on and performing what can only be described as a short epiletic seizure. Sad thing is there is nothing that you can do about it except for check into the operation(you know, get that shriveled grape turned into lady parts). I hear that you board short wearin Cali boys like swinging from the other side of the plate anyway and it would save someone the trouble of having to view that rotten apricot.
    That is all!
    Thank you and have a great day!

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    • Oh Ricky with a tiny #$%$... what are we going to do with you. Im pretty sure you have said "Nothing intelligent" regarding $OCZ on this message board, and thanks to some random punk who said something so stupid, it made me reply.. and then actually check it from time to time... and well now I have sweet nothings coming from Clanton AL. It is true about Californians, well atleast the ones that live inland in what we call the "armpit". Near the beach, its actually where folks like you save a few years to come visit. But today for example, I sunbathe out in my front yard with my 80's shorts above my knees, put a little Zinc all over my nose, throw on my raybans while my chick rubs suntan lotion all over my toned tatted up biceps and muscular pecks, while I watch girls in bikinis riding beach cruisers with their ta ta's bouncing all over the place, with the waves in the background crashing getting that offshore breeze and smell of the ocean, my cell is being blown up party after party every weekend, its newport on on the peninsula, it's a bubble im not going to lie. However, I primed myself by living in Pacific Beach for 7 years where I slayed more dragons then any fairy tale book. That my friend is the way to live. So fast forward, I am an $OCZ shareholder, actually care about the company bc im invested and believe that my thesis will pay off in 6-8 months, and understand that when you play World of Warcraft for 7 days strait and eat dominos drinking Dr. Pepper bathing in your own farts can be fun.. to some.. but that leaves you in a delusional state of mind where you start writting random things on message boards, talking about poop and outhouses, but the last one was funny, I had a laugh after $OCZ's #$%$ week thus far. Kudos

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Obviously roaring steamer consumed his own urine again yesterday, became confused, and began hallucinating about his life on the beach. Truth be known; yes steamer lives in california, but its in Perris right next to the airforce base. He resides in his fathers basement where, after consuming a half box of fruit loops from a mixing bowl that sits atop his belly, he abuses himself for a couple of hours and then signs on to yahoo and checks his fictional stock investments. His dad comes down drunk to the basement occasionally and proclaims "Launch the Torpedo Genlemen!!!!"--poor steamer knows exactly what this means for him(he doesnt even fight it anymore-just grabs his ankles and screams "aye aye cappin" until his drunk pops finishes up with him). It's ok steamer--your alternative universe is a much better place for you to be. Normally I would say get some help, but who are we kidding---its not getting any better for ya bro(hang tough).
        That is all!!!!
        Thank you and have a great day!

    • Steamer cant handle the truth