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  • xhoo_user xhoo_user Apr 10, 2013 4:49 AM Flag

    Plenty of open int. on $2 calls also. Shorts Beware, we could explode at any time!

    Somebody is desperately trying to play a game of smoke and mirrors. It has become obvious to me that the tape has been painted each and every day of trading and most days in the last week we have still ended in the gree. When we neared $2 again, they went on the attack. Shorts are clearly scare of giving those that bough calls a victory. Good times ahead for those who wait these feud out.

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    • im thinking shorts are about to burn.

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      • It certainly seems somebody on the short side is seriously underestimating the strength of the longs. My gut suspicion is there probably are few retailers left in this stock except for the dozen people posting here and using so many aliases. Many of those are not even longs so that means even fewer. I am pretty sure Fidelity has been accumulating heavily. If they have been doing so then probably many other institutions doing the same. Whoever has been trying to shake the retailers did not do their homework. There are no retailers that are significant enough in number to let the shorts cover to any great extent. I could be wrong and we may get some indication today. We shall see. If true, we could be trading over $3 by this time next friday and never look back if the appeal is successful. Good luck.

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