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  • street_fightin_man street_fightin_man Apr 10, 2013 1:05 PM Flag


    Yahoo really needs to be investigated for allowing the terrorisation of American companies by people like Ashraf. His goal is to hurt American companies and Yahoo is to blame. This is more Yahoo's fault than anyone else's. They are more to blame than SA themselves. I have kept a diary of stories that Yahoo has permitted to be passed off as news by presenting SA as news while it is nothing more than another message board. The trash Ashraf wrote today would never have been published in the Wall Street Journal , Business Week or Forbes because the basic checks and balances would have set off sirens that he is a fraud. Shame on Yahoo for being part of the terrorisation of America and American Companies. No doubt Ashraf is part of a group trying to destroy our values of Capitalism as he attacks our very system of Capitalism by implicating that OCZ has done something wrong by taking their time and using the rules set in place in order to best serve their shareholders. They are not guilty of anything other then doing what is best for shareholders and exercising their rights as set forth by the SEC themselves. It is unAmerican for Yahoo to allow this terrorist to make a mockery of the rules set forth by the SEC to give the great companies like OCZ the opportunity to achieve success. This is the American way. If anyone, including Ashraf has proof that OCZ is doing something criminal or something that is not for the company to prosper then he needs to present the facts instead of innuendos. What goes in in the board room of OCZ is nothing he knows of. The fact is that the last CEO left them in a state of disarray but there is nothing that implicates anything like his headline suggests. If there was, he would need to present the evidence. For all we know, there may be misplaced assets lost in the records that the last CEO left out of order and this is why they need to take their time and get the facts straight. Getting facts straight is the reason for taking advantage of our rights from the SEC. It is something that Ashraf should bother to do before he decides to terrorise a great American company that employs our friends and neighbours! As far as I am concerned, Ashraf needs to be investigated by Homeland Security while he continues to attempt to destroy our system of capitalism! I suggest if he does not like how things on done here then he keep his nose out of our form of government and economics. I guess we could go in a point a gun at Ralph Schmitt's head and demand he release financials today instead of allowing him to use the laws set in place and take advantage of the rights given him by the SEC. Apparently this is the way Asraf would do things where he comes from. Go back or stay where you come from Ashraf and stop making false innuendos implying things about OCZ like you did in your very Headline. The company has made it very clear that they are on the right track and moving forward to success. Your innuendos and implications are criminal. Go back to your terrorist group and tell them we are going to hunt them down like the animals they are and bring them in front of a judge to be held accountable for their actions! God Bless America!

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