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  • zam_zam_mah zam_zam_mah Apr 11, 2013 10:54 AM Flag



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    • It is what it is. Any shareholder knew $OCZ was going down after the extension was filed. That article has nothing to do with what has or is happening, I'm sorry but SA is not credible merely any random contributors per-screened etc can write an article. So that bearish article is not a factor. The bottom line is $OCZ is a mess plain and simple. I have not been saying buy buy buy as this is $OCZ and it happened again. I see huge blocks sold which indicates a few reasons... I want to know what did they hear. Listen if you have skin in the game and made money on today or recently made money shorting this stock. Kudos. But if you don't, that is sad. The time wasted savaging the web, ya know its funny the weirdos in high school, the ones I used to shoulder check in the hallway, the next gunmen in a mall shooting, stop lurking in the shadows of the web get out of the house, get a job. So zam zam mah your a pathetic hillbilly who can't get approved for a Schwann account. Sucks to live life in middle America slamming your cousins baby daddy's brother in law billy joe bob. How much you put in, when and why... Wait your 19 and have no money. Cool comment

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    • People are loosing serious money right now, at the very least you should have the decency to keep your enjoyment to yourself.