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  • leeeeader leeeeader Apr 11, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

    IBM to invest $1B in flash, good or bad for OCZ / STEC

    Check under today's IBM news

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    • "IBM will spend the $1 billion to develop and design Flash solutions for servers, storage systems, and middleware. The company plans to set up 12 "Centers of Competency" around the world to run proof-of-concept scenarios for companies, using real-world data."

      i would say it don't bode well. if they were looking to buy and not design it might be somewhat good but it looks to me they want to work with costumer needs one on one and build to what they need.

    • You have to remember they just bought Texas Memory last year and IBM is the behemoth of companies and a billion is nothing, now if they said they were doing it through other acquisitions that would be different. The cloud is just starting and will be huge in 10 years and IBM will use their cash just like EMC, Cisco and Oracle.