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  • dltggmgmt dltggmgmt Apr 23, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    I wonder if Ashraf was put on the short list of suspects for today's terror tweet / same mode of operation.

    If the shoe fits... You can bet for sure that he has opened himself up to all sorts
    of scrutiny in the future. Law enforcement does not take lightly to what he did,
    whether they press charges this time or not. His name will pop up in future investigations
    involving use of the internet to spread false rumors with the intent to manipulate the financial
    markets. If anything, he may have put the idea for today's attack into some other bozo's head.

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    • stop the #$%$! I'm long fyi! picking on him is a wast of time! RS need's to tell us something! good or bad! file ! and build this Co.

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    • And now I'm wondering which racist dirtbag you are. I wish I could just ignore you once and all your other aliases would be ignored too. Wouldn't that be nice? *sigh*

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      • His mode of operation is not his race but instead the use of the internet to create false rumors with intent to manipulate the financial markets. It is a serious matter. Where in my message did I mention or even imply race? The very fact they you insert it into the conversation tells us where your mind is at. Maybe you ought to look yourself in the mirror for a good self examination. Just because you are a racist, does not make everyone else one also. Some of us can have an intelligent discourse without bringing race into the converstation. I have no idea what his race or religion is. Ugly is not a trait unique to any one nationality.

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      • Speaking of aliases, one of yours must be Ashraf. Dirtbag? I didn't blow up anyone. Are you defending the bombers? They were both Muslims.

    • wow you longs sure are pieces of work.

      at times like these i am so ever happy to take every red cent you have.

      i so do love taking your money! thanks!!!

      • 2 Replies to pipster1234
      • I did a background check on you pipster after you raised some suspicions yesterday and technically broke the law like your friend Ashraf. If anyone on this board is a racist, it is you and some of those white trash alchoholic friends you grow up with.

        BTW, a review of some of the blunders you've made in the last decade tells me that you are the last person that should be giving anyone finacial advice.

        Just out of curiosity, why did you lie about your age when making inquiries about forex trading in another internet forum? Are you that vain or do you think you can pick up some girls by doing so? Perhaps it is part of your mode of operation by acting naive sometimes, just like you did with me yesterday. Remember, ignorance of the law is now excuse to break the rules. So whatever acting talents you have should be save for community theater and not be used to try and rob people out of a great investment with potentially explosive yields.

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      • As if you had any money to invest Piptard. You already lost it all and the class action lawsuit won't get any of it back for you.

    • Ashraf, as a Arab/Muslim, how do explain the Boston Marathon bombers. They deliberately blew up women and children. One was only 8 years old. Question? are all Muslims gutless cowards. I hope not. Let this board know where you are hiding out. We want to say hello to you. HE-HE.

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