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  • rorystreamer rorystreamer Apr 25, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    $OCZ ~ No evidence of companies interested... yet

    The announcement will come. Would be great for $OCZ and their current struggles to get the $MSFT deal. There is however evidence of $OCZ and $MSFT meeting and discussing working together, nothing has come from that "yet." I Have information that SSD's will be used from gaming systems to TV's in near-long future, whether that makes an impact short-long term who knows. However $OCZ is already in the space, most likely will resume its brand name, and continue under the financial guidance of the new company if they were saved by $MU or $STX. The financials are deminishing rapidly, the time is not on $OCZ's side, but.. if RS and company say something like "they have a few companies interested" or "we have hired blah-blah to help", etc etc... $OCZ rips. Without the numbers, we dont know their current valuation. RS said 11/29/12 that they were "back on track" if so, and numbers have gotten "better than expected" $OCZ rips. And of course if they dont it drops. Good luck to all as this is nearing.

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