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  • rorystreamer rorystreamer Apr 29, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Soon we will know... did $OCZ seal a design win with $MSFT

    Reasoning: Disclosure on the relationship will remain unknown until law proceedings are concluded.

    It is interesting to note that OCZ's ex-CEO Ryan Petersen made the following statement about a design win with Microsoft (MSFT) which will be used as evidence in the shareholder lawsuits. We cannot trust this statement whatsoever, yet some morsel of truth might be in it since enterprise is 30% of OCZ revenues now.

    RP in his own words..."In regards to significant customer news, I'd like to confirm that we are expecting Microsoft deployments across a number od discrete opportunities around our Deneva 2 SATA products, our Talos SAS drives, and our Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD. And this could be material to our business in the near-term and we believe that Microsoft could grow to become one of our most significant clients."

    That statement alone dug him a nice 6ft hole in the armpit of san jose, ca. $4M written down as the result of legal issues.

    When OCZ's new CEO Ralph Schmitt was asked about the Microsoft deal, the response was simply,

    "Appreciate the question and understand the detail that you'd like, but I'm not going to comment on that particular customer."

    Finally lay this waiting period to rest as this announcement is coming this month.

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    • We already know they have MSFT business.

    • I am not trying to get attacked for saying this but I want to go on record saying that either INTL, FIO, or both wins the Microsoft business. This has no bearing on whether OCZ can be successful or will be acquired. I guess I believe this one big customer will end up choosing on stability and price over something new and uncertain.

    • These have to be related to the Azure cloud platform. Talos and Deneva drives are way too expensive for consumer application. ZD-VXL may be a direct result of collaboration with MSFT. I find it hard to believe that OCZ was able to get the attention of Interop 'best in show' committee without some help from MSFT.

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      • It's a nomination by the staff. It starts by filling out the application. Then you have to have a free standing booth. From there it's all about who and how many in your category applied that are also presenting new products at this particular Interop. Then the judges will walk around and visit the booths during the event to decide who will win the Best of Show for this category.

      • Even accounting for optimism, there is no way in the world that OCZ could even qualify a product for a SQLServer platform without the involvement and active support of Microsoft. You may be right that there might be the strong arm(Microsoft) in the back room at Interop helping to push through the nomination. Someone mentioned that they are not competing with either VMware or FIO so if an award is won it does not really count. If Microsoft is hosting the event in a large capacity; may be the reason why VMware and FIO are not present. I agree that the point of the commentary is that OCZ has a viable product with some resources behind it which argues against a large portion of the bear thesis in terms of OCZ in the enterprise market. We already know that their consumer products can stand toe to toe with the best that Samsung or Crucial/Micron can produce. Fio and VMware can't do that.

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      • I find it hilarious that you saps think OCZ and MSFT have a relationship. Check out MSFT's website for their MTC alliance won't find any turds on that list. Oink oink