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  • boooyahbuy boooyahbuy Jun 4, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    Austin proven wrong again! OCZ news lol

    OCZ Announces Settlement of Shareholder Derivative Litigation

    another shut the heck up austin with zour lies and threats news from OCZ

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • How is that a very good news? Its some derivative suit that we dont even know what it is....

      The feared ca suits are unresolved and furthermore, many new ones are possible once the market hears how deep the restatements go [that is IF WE EVER get the filings]


    • More or less, if things were "really bad" and that was the "true reason" for the almost 1 year delay... then this is a great sign given that things are coming to an end, and slightly favors $OCZ. We do not know about the others, so we can wait and sift through the rest.

    • austinwcraig Jun 4, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

      Reading is fundamental. You will notice it is the FEDERAL suit.. NOT the multiple class action suits.

      " it has reached a settlement in principle of federal shareholder derivative litigation filed in connection with the Company's previously announced financial restatement. "

      "This settlement DOES NOT resolve separate consolidated shareholder class actions pending in connection with the restatement"

      Good news though, 1 down, more to go. Should be good for a pop.

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      • Pending legal proceedings must be disclosed / covered in 10Qs / 10Ks.......unfortunately, the one last one filed was for the period ending 5/31/2012.

        Someday, Pandoras box will be opened for all to know the true extent of all shareholder suits for recovery of loses.

        In this case, a shareholder derivative action, an individual or institutional shareholder, serving as a representative plaintiff, takes legal action on behalf of the corporation. The shareholder derivative action is typically brought against insiders of the company, such as the executive officers, directors, and/or board members, who are suspected of misconduct or other acts that cause harm to the corporation. A shareholder derivative action allows shareholders to redress harm to the corporation caused by management where it is unlikely that management will redress the harm itself. By filing a shareholder derivative action, a single shareholder may be able to compel changes that otherwise might not happen at the company, such as pro-investor corporate governance reform, removal of officers or directors whose misconduct injured the corporation, and monetary payments in the form of damages and/or disgorgement (recovery) of ill-gotten gains.

        Corporate Misconduct that Can Be Addressed by Shareholder Derivative Litigation

        Breaches of fiduciary duty
        Fraud or other unlawful activity
        Self-dealing or greed by insiders
        Conflict of interest
        Waste of corporate assets
        Insider trading
        Options backdating
        Accounting scandals
        Inflated, false, or misleading financial statements
        Improprieties related to executive compensation
        Conduct leading to Department of Justice or SEC investigations

      • austinwcraig Jun 4, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

        O and of course they are going to settle.. they can't possibly take this to court and win. LOL

        Wrong? sure chump. Just sit back and wait for the rest to settle. Now that the other suits can see OCZ will fold its hand you know they will push them for all they have. I say great, OCZ avoids costly litigation and the insurance company get slammed, burned share holders get something back.