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  • tomdom1953 tomdom1953 Sep 17, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    Is the CEO working hard to increase Shareholders Value? Or some other Agenda?

    There must be a great explanation for letting him behave the way he did all last year. If the company goes Bankrupt I think the Board and CEO are personally liable even for their salaries and Bonuses. Won't have a minute of rest with lawsuits. Or if have something in their sleeve better reveal it NOW.

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    • Of course CEO wants to do the best job he can but that's face the facts. People are people. People always put themselves first except for the Mother Teresa's of the world. It is quite obvious that RS, CEO, has been setting the Mother of All Bear Traps and using every legal avenue to do so. His loyalty lies with long term shareholders first and while the day-traders may not like this, it is a fact of life. In the meantime, anyone who puts on their thinking cap for a few minutes will realize what I realized a long time ago. The CEO accomplishes several major goals by working within in the law and dragging this out. First, he put shorts, moreso than any other group of traders, in a very uncomfortable situation having forced them to play all sorts of games painting the tape, shorting between reporting dates and covering and increasing their short position at prices that only a complete fool would short at with a company ready to rocket. They knew when hey first got into this that OCZ was a rocket waiting to happen but some hedge funds though they would have been in and out with a quick profit shorting millions of shares @ $5 and covering. Instead, when the stock first took a dive to $2, the opposite happened and there was a huge response from the market by buyers. This is when their troubles began. So they went short @ $2, $1,75, $1.50, $1.30s, $1.15 and almost down to nearly a buck and then covering and shorting again when necessary to keep longs frustrated This was never their intent except for the group trying to force a cheap buyout which is unlikely to happen ever at this point. The other hedge funds and shorts dug a very, very deep grave and only the small time shorts made any money. The biggest lie posted over and over again here is that the major short made money! LOL. It is ludicrous if you follow the series of events that took place. They have been hit hardest and harder than any long in the last year that jumped in under $5. So the CEO, using the system set in place, they have managed to delay and delay to the very last moment and creating an ideal position for longs. The mother of all short squeezes has been set and this bear trap was set through a perfectly legal set of circumstances. Finally, the CEO, along with the other insiders, have allowed the shorts to set up the best share price possible for insiders to legally buy into after financials have finally been submitted. This is where he may be putting himself first but remember, he gave up a great job for a low salary and options. He is here to make money on a soaring pps either by buyout or appreciation. Yes, despite the many times pipster posted blatant lies, it has been confirmed over and over again that insiders are anxious to participate in accumulation at these Christmas gift prices but can only do so once financials have been submitted. Not only can they paryicipate at that point but that can also put their options into play and at the lowest tax rate offered by the shorts who set this up for them! I suspect,the buying will happen quickly with some pullback and then resume once the financials are submitted. The same holds true when they exercise their options. So who does pipster work for? Either a hedge fund caught short and desperate to limit losses, a potential buyer who wants to keep the pps in check without having the compny delisted or there is the distinct and possibility that he actually works for insiders who have been setting the bear trap and also setting themselves up for the best possible prices for insider buying and the least amount of tax liabilities for exercising their options. The last possibility is that pipster works for the market makers who will make a killing when the price soars but have needed to accumulate an inventory and make money off multi-million share trades off pennies in the ongoing process. It is certainly one of these cases and I hope it really isn't that he is working for the insiders themselves. This is a distinct possibility but very bullish for longs that hold as are all the other possibilities. It is not uncommon for such actions to take place and while I despise it, I must accept it as one of the reasons he could be here. It could be he is just a nobody also who has no life and lost his shirt at this point while standing to lose a whole lot more when the price soars or a buyout is announced. However, while he is a loser, that possibility is the least likely because of how many of his actions are tied directly into the volume and when it switches from the hundreds of thousands to the multi-millions. The bottom line is we are in the best opportunity out there and at a rock bottom price if you are buying now. The only illegal action that may be taking place is if he is in bed with insiders to get the pps low enough for them to exercise options cheaply and also buy shares at the same great price we can buy now. However, it would be nearly impossible to prove since legally, it is perfectly legit to hire him to set the bear trap which is now in play. The biggest lie he posts here over and over again is that insiders can trade now which is totally false. The other big lie is that a potential buyer would score big in having the company liquidated or delisted. Even if pipster is working for the potential buyer, common sense dictates that no buyer wants to buy a delisted company nor a liquidation. They do not need OCZ for that. The claims are ludicrousto say the least and to entertain the discussion is ignorant. It would be in a buyer's best interest to step in and make the offer before delisting would ever happen but so far, it seems like an almost impossible event for so many of the reasons just stated. OCZ is the best investment for the money if you ask me. Many companies are now well overpriced so anyone who stumbles across this diamond in the rough at this price is the luckiest person in the world and in network of people he lives within.

      So, the CEO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Big fan of $OCZ. Invested numerous times for a buyout. Sold out before extension was granted. Bottom line the sentiment I gathered from other investors is $OCZ is going private. They do not think $OCZ will be the same. $OCZ revenue will not matter in a situation like this. A class action suit against $OCZ could cripple the company. Sure, maybe 1-2 years long if $OCZ is still trading on Nasdaq I'm sure $OCZ will be trading $3+ but in this particular situation, it's best to hear what will happen first before investing. Listen I have been saying $OCZ is a great turn around story, yet the buyout doesn't seem likely for now even though cash on hand is a huge problem. Expect Ralph to align some type of private deal possibly selling the PC company. It's what I was told, sold out bc extension was expected. No big deal as $OCZ has been trading in this $1.40 range for months now. So you miss a small portion of the move if this ends up taking off. Don't get me wrong, $OCZ can rally. I'll be watching. Just givin a heads up

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      • Well, what a reply.....!!! But should praise for the time taking to write this essay and giving many scenarios involved. There is only one missing point. The IP and Technology and the Product itself are the only "Value-Add". The IDT Controller and products around it must convince a buyer that they can but R &D and IP to compete with others. We have seen Troubled companies (Financially/Legally) companies such as STEC were bought for their Technology. Who is going to touch OCZ? Also, what makes their emergence into Enterprise/Data Center given not a NAND manufacturer a success? Anyone can build an SSD and PCI with FPGA. If CEO is playing this card to sell IP and Technology, then must have something in his sleeve. OCZ growth with sales itself is highly unlikely. Even FIO is struggling. It will be in the hands of WD, SEAGATE and Couple of NAND manufacturers. WD?SEGATE will leverage their HDD to sell SSD as competitive advantage or Samsung will eat their lunch.