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  • aurin_res aurin_res Oct 8, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    It is quite obvious that OCZ is for sale and RS plans to sell the company...

    - Restated past earnings which probably were an issue during the fail buyout last year

    - Settled their shareholder lawsuit

    - Pumped their award winning enterprise products

    - Mass amounts of "fluff" PRs the past few months to get the OCZ name out and build up its reputation

    - Reported earnings to bolster how well their enterprise products have taken off depite the NAND contraints

    - Had private investors invest in the company who will be greatly rewarded when OCZ is bought out

    - Hercules has much to gain as well, same with RS.

    Ya pippy, this is going BK soon. LOL. See you at the buyout! CHA CHING!


    PS - Remember when you said RS sold his shares? Nice call, pippy!

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    • I would not say buyout is most likely. The fact is Q'2 came in at $33M. They restated 2009 to present with oct 15 earnings report coming soon, which is a plus given Nasdaq delisting was still on table up until yesterday. There are so many issues and yes buyout solves all of it, but given the projected revenue for rest of F2014 and maybe guesstimating F2015 revenues, $OCZ is no where close to where it used to be. Listen, I'm a big $OCZ fan, but notch says invest at this moment in time. Now a cc is scheduled for today, wait and see what he says. Does RS mention a suitor is interested? Or does he lean towards DBank parting out the company. Obviously this mess was a huge one. The numbers obviously reflect the impact especially with Q'2 being the worst if the worst. The fact is what they made in Q'2 and how much it costs to be in operation is beyond pathetic and $10M cash on hand with bad credit... Just don't think other companies look at this and say can we do it? If anything, $OCZ survives for another 3-4 Q's while progressing each Q increasing revenues, decreasing margins and inventory. That would mean another capital raise or asset selling.

    • austinwcraig Oct 8, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

      HA I agree that a buyout is the only way out of this but.

      1. Cooked books will do that and award winning? lol... try 3% Gross margins. ehehehe
      2. Build up its reputation? For what.. going to a trade show? LOL

      Have you even bothered to read the numbers? 182 million in losses? 3% GM this quarter. Gross margins were lower than projected.