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  • kerfinator kerfinator Mar 7, 2008 10:05 AM Flag

    Eight straight days down...

    And during those 8 days, it has not been green for any period of time.

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    • The markets dont go straight up . I feel your pain we saw some investments in mortgage back securities that reported record earnings days before get whacked 30%+ last week . Kicking ourselves we didnt have the money in something safer like HERE . You spread out your money keep your comfort level in cash this time in the cycle . Hopefully we do better then the former Soviet Union or Japan did a few years back . Banks are crashing down all over supposeabley becuase of our MBS notes . Hedge funds dumping along with banks as they are repriced . I dont buy it . Patience let the market scare out people and the rats make money becuase of it . Keep your assets spread out like the Greeks say nothing in excess a little in cash a little in real estate a little spread out in the market and a few bonds held to maturity . We have been trying to set our buyouts aside in laddered short term cd's to plow in when we see those computer lock out days hitting again with irrational selling and margin squeezes . Patience and pray we dont see it . NS is ok its almost a oligopoly . Whats killing everyone now is a fear we reprice to interest rates like the early 80's ( in the teens ) . Be prepared if your not making 13% in a investment . This pays out that or its assets are growing to reflect it whether the PPS is or not . Eventually things equalize . Qualified dividends are the key and for those making under 200k a year ( almost all of us ) even Hillary said she would support it . So let the big boys move their money its going to cause pressure and pain but it will end eventually .

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