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  • motoamr motoamr Feb 7, 2009 12:45 PM Flag

    NuStar SEC filing on Friday, 2/6/09

    Folks, I urge you all to look at the 8k filing with SEC from 2/6/09 and the presentation referenced therein, as it spells answers to a number of questions and misinformation often seen on the board. Clearly, not too much new content since the earnings call, but the presentation clearly reaffirms the positive business outlook, continued strong earnings with a potential for positive a surprise (contract renewals for storage; possible benefits from the stimulus package).
    What is more important, however, is that the management seems to have started a mini blitz with the investing community (read the first sentence of the SEC filing - they will be meeting with a number of investors over the next several weeks to discuss the presentation, and that only a week or so after the conference call!!). Great to see a proactive management.

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    • >>>Wish I had thought of that!!

      you already had. when you were a 5 yr old, watching tv and it got a little cold, occasionally you'd put your coat on backwards. you just never thought people were stupid enough to pay $20 for a crappy piece of fabric w/ sleeves.

      moral of the story: never under-estimate the willingness of people who are eager to piss away $20 or less.

      gotta run. the fed ex dude is delivering my aqua globes today.

    • >>why would you need a 2 yr supply >>when they have a 10 yr warranty? >>vince says just throw it in the >>washing machine.

      What if it sucks up all of the water in the washing machine!!! Seriously, those commercials are funny, but the Snuggie has got to be the best. I read where they had sold 4 million Snuggies! At $20/pop plus S&H, that is some serious change for what is probably a $5 "blanket with sleeves". Wish I had thought of that!!

    • >>>two year supply of Sham-Wows

      why would you need a 2 yr supply when they have a 10 yr warranty? vince says just throw it in the washing machine.

    • >>>and am planning on holding on to it as long as the divvie outlook remains strong.

      by default your PLAN B has been put into action. smart.
      and that's my whole point w/ kerf. whining on a msg brd is not a plan. if reaping 10%-14% is not good enough while one waits for an increase in share price (or an increase in distros), then mlps are not for that person. if he had bought 3000 shares at $30 and sold at $48, i'd be the first to applaud. however, mlps usually do not attract "traders". if he wanted to trade, he should have been in and out of ras, sbux, c, or other volatile crap.

      >>> you pays your money and you takes your chances.
      amen to that.

      >>>extraordinarily well run and profitable company and a long term hold.
      and we're being paid handsomely to wait. does it get any better?

    • Again, all good points....but the stock will not reflect these positives when the entire world economy is going down in flames. It's going to pull back regardless of fundamentals....investing is dead...and if you want to play the stock game, you better be a trader.

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      • Kerf, who says I do not trade some around a core position !? The key qualifier, though, is "some" - 10-20% of my full position, selling on spikes buying back on pull backs. NuStar is too much of a gem to risk trading more. In the long run, including distributions, I am pretty sure those who invest in NuStar will be some very happy campers.

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