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  • trickyd333 trickyd333 Apr 24, 2006 8:34 AM Flag

    Dollar Falls, Gold Rises in Europe

    Associated Press
    Dollar Falls, Gold Rises in Europe
    04.24.2006, 07:08 AM

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    The U.S. dollar fell Monday morning against other major currencies in European trading. Gold prices rose.

    The euro was quoted at $1.2374, up from $1.2334 late Friday in New York.

    Other dollar rates compared with late rates Friday included: 115.20 Japanese yen, down from 116.67; 1.2701 Swiss francs, down from 1.2760, and 1.1358 Canadian dollars, down from 1.1374.

    The British pound traded at $1.7893, up from $1.7808.

    Gold dealers in London fixed a recommended price of $634.00 at midmorning, up from $625.00 late Friday. In Zurich gold traded at $632.65, up from $625.10. Gold rose $14.30 in Hong Kong to close at $634.00.

    Silver traded in London at $13.10, up from $12.60.

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    • The information that you should have picked up is that won_dum is pompous and always trying to prove that he is "better/smarter/educated" yet he is consistently wrong and always makes an ass of himself.

      Here's all you need to know:
      1. buy what won_dum sells short
      2. sell short what won_dum buys
      3. avoid stop loss orders on GRZ, the MMs will take you out before you can blink an eye and reverse direction just as fast.

    • Yes

      Let me know if you are serious to find it.


    • You people are amazing.

      I have got alor of information here from your discussion however it does not mean much for me.

      I am a trader, my goal is to sell higher than the price I bought.

      A stock that moved from 5 on March 27 to 9.36 today is the real story of GRZ. Buy low and sell high is the way to make money in the market. Some people need to prove that they know better/smarter/educated etc. All that is irrelevant.

      One need to know 3 things here :
      1. When to buy
      2. When to sell
      3. Where to have the stop loss.

      After TA it looks as GRZ is ready to rock again.


    • << Do you think he had no idea he was off by>> 16%?

      Yutz, prices change. When you shorted GRZ did you think the price would increase and that you'd incur a substantial loss 25 days later? When you filled up your tank for $2.50 a gallon did you think 25 days later you'd pay $3.00?

      << How many financial institutions can you name that will loan $638 million >>

      In the same presentation that you are referring to it was specified that financial institutions were already lined up and that there will also be an equity issuance and forward sales of coppper. With all your M&A experience (lol), can you understand that $638 million will not be financed with debt? And do you understand what a bankable feasibility study indicates? And do you realize that the prices of copper and gold have increased since that study? And you should be aware of the substantial increase in the the price GRZ stock (just check the balance of your brokerage account).

      << and no mining experience >>

      In that same presentation I'm sure you recall Belanger refering to "the thrill is gone" building a mine because management has built and brought other mines into production and therefore they can build it or sell it.

      Your posts have "all the substance of a fart in a windstorm."

    • <<Belanger told everybody on 3/30/06 that the total costs were $565 million. It's in his presentation>>

      Well, not really. The $565 cost in the presentation slide was the estimate they had last year. If you listened to him talk at the AMEX conference he explained that the costs had gone up as they have for all miners. (he actually mentioned $100m not $72m).

      <<How many financial institutions can you name that will loan $638 million to a company with no balance sheet, no cash flow and no mining experience, with only an undeveloped mine in Venezuela as collateral?>>

      Endeavour Financial are organising the financing. The balance sheet has over $20 cash, no debt. The management have been involved in the construction of about six previous mines. The banks are banging on their door now that gold is hot.

      <<Like I said, this deal has all the substance of a fart in a windstorm.>>

      Well, we'll have to see... It would seem to be a $6bn golden fart in a windstorm...

    • Dear won dum, I note you post:

      <<This is EXACTLY what I have been shouting from the treetops: GRZ hasn't even got a plan approved by MIBAM>>

      While we have on GRZ's March 06 presentation:

      Final Permit Request Filed
      Land for development
      MIBM approved operating plan
      Meets World Bank and Equator Principles

      I assume MIBM is the same as MIBAM without the 'and' between basic and mining, even if they have done some reorganisation over time.

      I'm a bit confused here. Belanger / GRZ seem to think they have an approved plan. Maybe you should let them know if they've got it wrong.

    • MARN granted two permits this year to GRZ for land use infrastructure properties for the Brisas project. If MARN was not processing the GRZ project application how did they get these two permits?

      What did Nora say? We won't be granting permits for anyone until this is completed." Based on this comment alone then GRZ's review must be completed since MARN has granted permits to the Brisas project since that statement was made.

      You are a liar!

      Have you ever talked to the company? You quote the management of KRY chapter and verse and accept that as the gospel but then discount everything GRZ says. On top of that KRY was saying for two years they did not need MIBAM approval of the feasibility study, the management of KRY and they were. Were they lying or just did not know?

      But when they get the approval they call it a landmark event and the next to final step in the permit process, yet for two years they were saying they were already on the final step.

      Credibility is the key and you and KRY are the ones lacking.

      We all know your agenda. The only question is what idiot do you get your information from. You have been wrong so many times one would think that you would try and do better, but with our agenda it looks like this is a good as you can do.

      Negative posting, what a depressing life.

    • It's not a link, it's called a T-E-L-E-P-H-O-N-E. Call Doug Belanger, he's in Spokane today. Hear what he has to say. You either believe him or you don't. You've been smart enough so far not to impugn their reputation. So call, it's easy - 800.625.9550.

      But calling the company is not your M.O. is it? You already know that what you are saying is a pack of lies, so there is no point. Maybe the only difference between us (other than honesty) is that I am already invested and you (or your handlers) are not. You had plenty of time over the last couple of years to buy all you wanted, why did you wait? Did you need the market to tell you it was worth more than $3? Maybe you are not so clever after all.

    • Have I had enough? I'm 100% confident in what I think I know, I don't need you to update me. I do this for the benefit of others who may not be.

    • I can't prove it but I believe management. They have been consistent for many years; they are reputable, honest and fiscally prudent. If they say something has happened, there is no question about it being true.

      Your next shot will surely be to undermine their credibility but anyone who has dealt with them for any length of time knows it is beyond reproach. You simply cannot come up with something the company has ever said or done that was dishonest.

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