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  • samodin samodin Jul 15, 2004 7:38 PM Flag

    re:productive posts?

    Hi fellows:

    I am constantly amazed why posters bombard us with posts re: global warming and Roman coins.
    I would suggest that posters of this interest utilize e-mail to confide their deep secrets and information with interested viewers.
    I really don't give a damn about the earth being 5 dereees warmer 10,000 years from today. Or saving Roman coins.


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    • The seriousness of global warming and the long term strategy for companies like BP that take in account this in terms of both R&D and PR/Marketing is a very relevant topic. BP has publicallly stated that they intend to be the number one solar producer of power in the next 20 years because they beleive that global warming is a relevant issue. That makes it a buy and hold for me.

      As for Roman coins--many of these threads go a bit askew--let it be is my feelng.

    • Hi Samodin,

      I apologise for wasting your time with the coins, but I think global warming matters to fossil fuel-related stocks. In the same way that asbestos mines and tobacco manufacturers were wacked, and the fast food industry is in the first stage of being whacked, I believe there is a risk of CO2 producers being whacked. If you think climate change is all just nonsense on stilts, fine, but at least you've made your own decision. If you think climate change is happening, then you might want to consider what follows if, say, permanent drought struck Arizona, or the people of Tuvalu went to court to seek compensation for their islands having vanished. Who are the affected people more likely to sue, the Chinese state coal industry or the western oil majors?

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      • ferglit, i love how the Brits can turn a phrase.

        "...nonsense on stilts..." - wonderful! i intend to remember that one and will search for ways to use it in the future (considering the state of debate in the world today, that should not pose much of a challenge).

      • Come on ferglit, you're not wasting anyone's time talking about Roman coins. I was trying to lighten things up from the global warming debate, and I ended up learning a few things!

        Not sure what Samodin has to offer.

        More like 'class action lawyers convincing the people of Tuvalu to bring suit' but at any rate... I think the tide will turn against some of these class-action lawsuits as people (i.e. opinion shapers in the media) understand how flimsy the science is. People realize that nobody is being forced to eat fast food three times a day!

        Just to hammer home the idea that I am capable of thinking independently - I voted for slick willie, I voted for George W. I'm the ultimate swing voter - in three presidential elections since I became eligible my candidate has won each time. Who will I vote for this year? Grumpy old men (Bush/CHENEY) or limousine liberals (Kerry/Edwards).

        Now, back to BP. I'll try and come up with some statistics comparing BP with supermajor competitors in 'green' areas.

    • Then go to another web site. Last I heard, free speech was still in vogue.

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