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  • traderjack05 traderjack05 Jun 21, 2007 1:38 PM Flag


    I think ethanol is a very big mistake. Not only is ethanol corrosive, per gallon of gas it is far less efficient, and you wind up using more fuel, so their is absolutely no gai, even a loss for the consumer. It does nothing to solve C02 emmisions and the global warming" California is the leading state in promoting alternate energy, particularly with solar energy and wind power. In the near future, the further cost incentives that CA. Is now proposing will make Solar the way to go.
    The price of corn commodities has skyrocketed and what makes it worse, farmers are now planting corn not for human consumption, but for ethanol. They are making money for a change and taking fallow land and using it, but taking other crops off the market. and that is good for them.
    So what we now have is a world that has mass areas of Drought and starving, and food crops being used to make fuel instead of feeding those impoverished masses.
    With global warming and changing weather patterns, vast areas of former fertile land are now becoming deserts.
    Yet our Government, Congress, continues to be blinded by trying to make political gains, either telling untruths, or just plain stupid.

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    • Just stop the subsidies and tarrifs to let the free market work. Funding enery research is one thing, but funding energy production results in bad decision making.

      No more ethanol subsidies and the scam will go away.
      Using only fuel taxes (no state, local, fed. income taxes) for roads and the DOT will make our taxes go down. Then if people want hiway improvements or more DOT workers they can
      vote to increase fuel taxes.

    • Ethanol always was a really dumb fairy tale being told by Iowa farmers. If Iowa weren't the critical state in the early rounds of the primaries (and with its caucus system, a state that can be bought) no one would give a damn about ethanol.

      Except for sugar ethanol, there isn't any hope of a useful fuel coming out of all that work. And since Cuba and Brazil aren't exactly America's BFFs, we might as well start looking at fuel efficiency, wind power, nuclear power, etc.

    • Hi one last time -

      "But I don't see the problem with my neighbor's Hummer or the Chinese power plants releasing CO2. Carbon Dioxide is a natural occuring compound in our atmosphere and is essential for plant growth, it is not a pollutant. Climate change is due to natural cycles that have occurred over thousands of years, not due to human activity."

      Then we have little more to talk about!

    • The politicians are being bought out by special interest groups. All they can think is to tax the oil companies and that will solve the problem. Corn for fuel is no solution all it is doing is raising food costs. The corn fuel can't be pipe lined, it is expensive to produce and the American people are being blind sighted again. I beleive the auto companies can make better fuel efficient cars given time and mandates.

    • "The sky is falling....the sky is falling"

      Best way to conserve fuel is government should
      raise taxes...make it $4.oo per gallon.

      People will then buy more fuel efficient automobiles, drive
      less. Business will buy more fuel efficient trucks, etc.
      More use of rail,blah,blah,blah.

      Solar, wind power well then become more competitive.

      .....hence, using less hydro-carbons and the earth is saved.

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      • I would agree if I had any confidence that the tax collected would be used for further research on more energy efficient storage systems, power generation etc.
        All a $4 tax on fuel would do is feed the political machine at the expense of the folks least able to pay it.
        With the exception of tobbaco I can't think of any problem solved by higher taxes.

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