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  • prabbit51 prabbit51 Jan 22, 2008 1:31 PM Flag

    Is there more room to fall?

    This board is loaded with former empoyee's of the local
    comedy club.

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    • Get real guys. When BP are in the wrong then give them a kick in the unmentionables. But this issue is not created by the BP board. If you want to demonstrate or raise issue then go and talk to that jerk you have in the White House. The crash in share prices is not being caused by Tony Hayward and his team it has been caused by bad economic management by Bush and the brainless hill billies running the USA financing system.

      As an XOM annuitant my apologies for anti American sentiments, but on this issue the focus of all discontent should be aimed at one building in that great country. And you all voted for him.

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      • I didn't vote for him either. Good riddens to him and his 3 minions on the NLRB that have done nothing but put the boots to organized labor in this country. IMHO He'll go down as one of the worst presidents we've ever had.

        Bush is a classic example of what is wrong in politics today and why that gal in Alaska kicked Murkowski's (and everyone elses) ass in the last election. Republican big business croanyism has run amok. BTW, until 2002 I have voted Republican all my life.

      • I sure the hell didn't vote for him. He didn't even get the populer vote, that went to Gore. He was appointed to the president by the supreme court. And the stupid assholes in ohio and florida. I hope those rich old ass holes have losts their asses in this mess, that bush and the republicain party has got us into. Smaller cleaner government ha, what a laugh.

      • You are very right, The blame also falls on the mega banks, mortgage brokers and realtors for steering people into loans they cant afford. Whenever you see a lending company telling would be patrons "Bad Credit, No Credit, Divorce, Bankrupcy, No problem". Well there is a problem, they cant pay it back. Remember the S&L folly with the Junk Bonds. The Enron, MCI, etc scandels. Well were are paying for it again.

      • Well o well, blaming Bush for everything goes wrong. For a company that can not find oil, can not finish platforms on time, speaks about safety but does not invest, gets rid of experienced engineers, now the britts (and the usual cadre of chicken littles) say = oh is Bush's fault, When someone complained about bp here, it was - if you are not loyal get out - then it was disgruntled employees, now Bush!. bp will fall unless they find oil (or gas) and deliver to market on time. They (upper management) are to risk averse, expect that the NOCs will beg them for help so they can get in the good sharing agreements. That won't happen anymore.
        But sure use the mantra is Bush's fault, is easier than realizing this is a rudderless company. BTW I voted for Clinton and Bush and the housing crisis was long time waiting to happen not Bush's fault, if any it was the congress.

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