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  • peg_leg_java peg_leg_java May 16, 2008 9:01 AM Flag

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you

    Also, as Bush prepared to leave Washington, Senate Democrats introduced a resolution that would block $1.4 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia unless Riyadh agrees to increase its oil production by 1 million barrels per day. The Democrats said they introduced the measure to coincide with Bush's trip to send a message to Saudi Arabia that it should pump more oil to reduce the cost of gas for Americans.

    Bush asks Saudis to increase oil production

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    • it will be interesting to see how proud you brits are after the north sea plays out (getting pretty close mate, in case you haven't noticed) and you go begging the russkies for a trans-channel gas link. it may be time to re-open the welsh coal mines? chim chiminy chim chiminy chim chim cheree! oh, btw, you get no points for having a no profile PM now. cheeroo!

    • The Dems block oil production in 85% of US and then tell the muslims to produce more oil .
      I just don't understand.

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      • Hi blacksmith,

        It's an interesting issue, if we paraphrase it slightly - "The US blocks oil production in 85% of US and then tell the muslims to produce more oil."

        It's exactly what I would do, if I had the power. For as long as the US can possibly buy oil from somewhere else, it should. Because the day will come when no-one is selling, and then what do you do? I strongly believe that a non-self-sufficient nation should have a clear policy of leaving its own oil in the ground for as long as possible, saved for a rainy day.

      • The Dems block oil production in 85% of the U.S.? Really? The Dems (and some Reps) blocked oil exloration in ANWR in Alaska. The Republican govenor of Florida, W's brother Jeb blocked oil/gas exploration/production in the Gulf of Mexico anywhere offshore Florida, with the support of most residents (Rep and dem). Rep and Dems both on the East Coast and in Calif. have been hostile to offshore exploration/prod. I don't think your statement is anywhere near correct. Current Rep. Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin has been very hostile to companies producing in AK. One of her Democratic predecessors, Dem. Tony Knowles was a strong supporter of the industry, and was key to BP getting the leases on the Northstar field re-negotiated royalty rates. If it wasn't for this Dem, BP wouldn't have had this 100 millin plus bbl field.

      • If you received a major portion of your funding from the various environmental groups, you'd probably back their agenda, too. It's really just that simple.

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