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  • ace_tracker ace_tracker Jun 9, 2008 4:48 PM Flag



    Remember the Tabacco debacle??

    They had to pay and BIG OIL creates a 1000 times the mess. If they profit from a product that they put into the market and it is causing great damage to our surroundings not to mention Human Health then they should foot the total bill to clean it up.

    Will be working on a blog and trying to get a campaign going to see that they do just that. Why should they be able to Rape us on all ends of this mess???? Time they pay for the mess they created!!!!.............ace

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    • Ain't no child bein' lefted behind.
      Spelling counts.........

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    • Boy, you were not concerned when you were "chowing down" all the gas you could
      get. Sometimes you "pay the Piper, sometimes the Piper "pays you." Did you really think you could play macho man in those SUV's forever.
      Time to grow up, and say you, yes you Fat Boy, were part of the problem...BP was only doing what you asked. As for the stock, I am out until the dust settles.

    • We are THEY!

    • What is "Big Oil" exactly? Oh yes - it's the oil companies that between them produce around 10% of global oil production. The one's that many of us own through direct investment or our pension schemes etc. Unless you intend to sue Saudi Aramco, Pemex, PDVSA, NIOC, KPC etc - and of course their owners - the governments of those countries.

      Even if your argument had any real logic good luck with that one.

      Of course, there are probably a few Democrats on Capitol Hill that would like to have a go at "Big Oil" again - they haven't done it for a couple of weeks now.

    • You say oil companies are 1000 times worse than the tobacco companies, but many people died and continue to die from smoking, worldwide in the millions. People don't usually die from using gasoline. (Granted, there are auto and other accidents while using the product, but the gas is usually not what causes the accident.) If global warming is caused or exacerbated by the release of carbon dioxide from combustion of the product, it is you, the consumer, who causes global warming. You also do this when you use your fireplace, heat your home, turn on a light or enjoy a campfire. Stop driving and walk to the grocery store - it will be better for your health. Ace, stop causing global warming!!!!

    • Until you start riding a bicycle shut the hell up, your the problem too!

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      • First, no one every forced me at the point of a gun to consume oil based products. Secondly, there was no fraud attached to the product. It is simple chemistry, the products of combustion are obvious. Thirdly, you can tax them as much as you want. It is a cost of business and it will be passed to the consumer.

        Oil companies aren't people. They are legal fictions created to allow people to organize and produce products.

    • The concept is flawed, all cost added to any business venture is passed on to the consumer. Check your phone bill for added cost i.e. 911 service etc. The airlines are perhaps a better example of added on cost for any additional services.
      Best regards,

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      • Hi all,

        I posted this 6 May 2003:

        "... I sometimes picture the mother of all hurricanes washing clean over Florida, or an unbroken drought in the Corn Belt, or an unbearable upsurge in Houston's urban pollutants. Someone would start a class action against fossil fuel producers for causing pollution or global warming, and XOM would be the BIG target in the firing line. I'm not trying to start a fight over global warming - doubtless we all have our views. I'm simply stating what I think is likely to happen. Americans are litigious. The Chinese coal industry may produce more CO2 than XOM, but who's going to sue them? No - they'll sue the deep-pocketed domestic US producers, in US courts, and XOM has the reputation of being the one that simply doesn't give a damn, my dear... Ten years ago, I wouldn't have foreseen such a scenario. But tobacco led the way. Today it's the turn of the fast food industry, whacking all those purveyors of low-class fat- and sugar-soaked pseudo-foods ... If and when Orlando gets washed into the Gulf of Mexico - or the Atlantic, depending which way the wind was blowing - it will be the energy industry's turn."

        It's not a case of whether or not the oil industry is guilty (and personally I don't think it is; I'd look to both consumers and their governments for not acting when the problem was generally recognised). It's more a case of how litigious people are. It's human nature to try to blame someone else for what's wrong in our lives, the compensation culture. Someone will try it.

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