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  • pharmacalogic pharmacalogic Feb 26, 2009 12:36 PM Flag

    I hate oil, but I bough BP...

    ...opportunity was just too good to pass up.

    8.7% dividend

    oil should be up by summer, so PPS/my principle should be up as well. i'll take the 8.7% div if principle happens to be flat or down.

    i also like that they manufacture solar panels in Maryland.

    i hate oil and i think biofuels are not sustainable, but BP will be making money on both...and so will I, I guess.

    solar is the future.

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    • Now you just need to get Obama to buy a few shares and he can chill out a little about running the world on solar panels and wind turbines. Last I know the presidental 747 runs on good old oil. Yeh black gold.

    • Thinking of buying bp for the dividend and future capital appreciation. Do you feel the dividend is safe? Thank you.

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      • IMHO. Until we divorce ourselves from Republicans and Democrats and start looking at results from our government we are fighting the wind.

        You and I are not against each other. I sat in the gas lines of the 70's and we have done nothing to improve our situation. We have done nothing for the short or the long term.

        We did not improve the gas milage of our cars and trucks. We did not invest in efficent batterys or alternative fuels.

        I am long BP because it will make me money. It is not a political statement.

        For my life and children I am hoping we get greener each year and smarter.

        There is also money to be made there and perhaps without leaving the trash our present ways of heating our homes, fueling our cars, having light at night now demands.

        Depending on foreign sources is no way to independence nor will it lead to a safe United States.

    • Congrats you also bought at a very low price. I bought in Nov. I have enjoyed the dividends.

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