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  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Feb 27, 2009 4:03 PM Flag

    I hate oil, but I bough BP...

    Great point...

    A real Conservative `Would` be looking for the fuel that will make the country fuel independent --- AS well as ecologically beneficial...

    There is no wall between the two themes... unless you consider a Conservative someone who robs and leaves devastation behind in his wake... -- That kind of conservative we`ve got a lot off... They should be called `Ecological Pirates` so people understand what their dealing with...

    Here in NJ we are still sitting on 140 Superfund clean up sites that still poisonous to the people and things around it.... --- and those companies made their profits and moved on - one way or another... but the people in the state are still left with the bill for those firms basically `sh iting` where they worked...

    Something is incredibly ph ucked up with the way we value companies when Wall Street and the Feds ignore environmental clean ups as part of the bottom line.. just like any other expense that is incurred in production...

    Basically `Globalization` just meant the outsourcing of our businesses to allow them to `sh it` somewhere else at no cost... -- Except now the west coast of the USA is being effected by the wind borne environmental damage pumped out of China... -- It`s comming full circle...

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    • Dont you realize that it costs money to clean up after yourself.

      Higher Costs = less profit.

      Greed is good. We dont need no Stinking regulations.

      Business, left unregulated will "do the right thing"


      Yes, profit is a good thing. In the words of Reagan, "trust but verify"

      We have gotten to the point where the SEC we cant even see that Madoff was a scammer while he made lots of money without making TRADES.

      What kind of oversight is there that cant even detect that?

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