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  • dons_st dons_st May 20, 2010 8:42 PM Flag

    Presidential Executive Order to

    that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. none.

    yes, there's one heck of a mess created and it needs to be cleaned up. the lessons learned from this mess need to be used to come up with improved equipment/procedures/methods to limit the possibilities of another disaster. certainly, bp and all the other oil companies need to keep doing what they do. the world needs oil and, overall, oil brings good things to life.

    btw, bp, fy2008

    Income Before Tax $34,283,000,000
    Income Tax Expense $12,617,000,000

    itr 36.8%

    full time employees, 80,300 who actually produce a product that we all need and use on a daily basis; they also pay income, medicare and ss taxes. so do all those little companies who support bp with their services/products.

    also, btw, "big-oil" bp is still doing their part subsidizing all those big-gov lefty schemes to the tune of $12,617,000,000

    what the blue bloody blazes is it with big-gov lefties? why is it that big-gov lefties are always dreaming up schemes to meddle, tinker, intrude and interfere in everyone's lives, their families, their communities and their busineses? why in the world do big-gov lefties live for the day to put hundreds of thousands of families in the unemployment line? nuts.

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