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  • carm19-75 carm19-75 May 20, 2010 3:34 PM Flag

    CONGRATS BP Shorts!!!

    You severley UNDERperformed the market today. Could have made twice as much shorting COP or almost any tech stock. Don't chase folks, don't chase. The real money on the short side has been made here already, I"d sell puts if you are that commited, at least your losses are capped and you know what you have at risk.

    But hey keep selling, I'll keep buying when it its my targets, I only have half of a position on.

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    • sadly I am LMAO - yes that is true.

    • "MAllen, you cannot have an educated legitimate debate with a Republican pumper. Best you can do is to continue posting your astute well informed research and hope those Longs who are confused by the Republican Pumpers will see the light and make the right decision to go short.

      cheers my friend"
      I am taking up fishing full time. I heard I can do better in that field. Some 29 year old career counsellor from Houston told me.

      He may actually be right. BP is getting ready to or already has begun writing checks for NOT fishing..LOL

    • "stick to fishing, you're probably better at it then analyzing stocks."
      This from a 29 year old from HOUSTON?
      You wouldn't happen to be in the oil industry, would you?
      Or should I call it "oal bidniz" so you would know what I am talking about?

      Where did you see me analyze stocks? I am in BP short, I can't even analyze THAT. Whatever gave you the impression I was analyzing anything.

      WOuld you feel better if I told you I was buying with my GUT FEELING? Would that be more acceptable to you? What did I say exactly that makes me a better fisherman than a day trader?
      You show me how I will become a fisherman if I can make more money doing that instead of this.

    • Double tall caramel machiatto (did i spell that right)please.

    • is this sarcasm? He hasn't pointed out any facts yet, just that he fishes and that he can't be troubled to drag a recylcing bin to the curb once a week. This affects BP's stock price how???

    • stick to fishing, you're probably better at it then analyzing stocks.

    • I LIVE in Florida.. I fish here and in the Keys.
      I love what the nature has given us. I hate it disappearing.

      Isn't that and making money enough?

      I would rather be making mney being long on BP and have the Gulf waters be what they used to be.
      I am a far cry from a rabid environmentalist. truth be told maybe a few years back, I could be observed dumping a quart or two of used motor oil on the ground. My justification was, nature would take care of it.
      Seing how ever intersection has more oil on the ground from buses trucks and cars I didn't see how my few quarts would hurt a lot. I changed my ways and probably became environmentally more aware

      I don't recycle, I opt for plastic over paper at the grocery store. The point is I am not one of the tree huggers, but friend this is a BIG, CATASTROPHIC mess.

    • Most shorts are so flipping far ahead of the trade that they have room to wait.

      you keep buying and good luck with that,really.

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