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  • chevymalibu1966 chevymalibu1966 May 22, 2010 9:38 PM Flag

    Here is the deal

    you are right. If you don't buy BP gas, they will sell it to other firms as they won't be able to meet demand. Sh it happens. Get over it. Haven't you ever made a mistake? aren't you human???? geez, let the 1st one who hasn't screwed up cast the 1st stone. Granted, this a huge mistake but you are drilling in an ocean for oil. When you have sex, you can get pregnant. things happen that we don't want to happen. it's called life.

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    • You should also follow the guidelines and procedures put in place by the book and reduce your chance of failure, did BP???????????

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      • No one mentions other potential rigs with problems in the Gulf. Everytime it seems that a storm is heading in they pull all hands off the rigs right?
        If thats true whose at the helm on these things...robots?
        It's just hard to think that no one has thought of worst case situatuions like this one.
        Seems all leadership is asleep at the wheel in finance/stock market and goverments.
        Sure is a wonderment that the human race didin't set off atomic weapons by accident by now!
        We punched a hole in the planet and seem not to know what to do about the bleeding. We've gone past the "golden hour".
        Can you imagine whats goin on in the engineering rooms out at sea...must be panic.
        I'm not sleeping well at night not because of the stock price but for our kids future. Sorry to vent but it's very frustrating and I feel the pain from world right now like never before.

    • Even YOU realized how lame a paragraph you started. You began with "Shit happens" as if this is something akin to having a fender bender, and befre the paragraph ended, qualifying it with "granted this is a huge mistake".
      Ya THINK?

      I'll cast the first stone. I haven't phucked up the marine life , the marshes and thousand if not millions of people's livelihood EVER. Have you?
      Your metaphors suck. "having sex, getting pregnant"? What the hell are you talking about. We did not agree to having sex with BP, maybe you did.. You don;t have to worry about getting pregnant either,because you were anally raped!

      If this is your concept of "life" , your life must really suck. Where are you from anyway? Detroit?

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