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  • juryman07 juryman07 May 22, 2010 1:33 PM Flag

    Obama proves again he is no leader.

    Just Blow up The Damn Well.

    "Can BP really be made to pay for all the ill tragic consequences of their disregard for basic safety and environmental concerns?  The cost will be hundreds of        billion dollars, when one adds up the all the lost jobs and all the people who get sick from eating contaminated sea food in the years to come.  Their assets should
    be seized now.  Otherwise, they will never pay for the damages and suffering they will have caused.  Why has Obama entrusted them with fixing the problem?

    Why is he silent on the week-after-week delay in stopping the leak.  Why has he not       called for ideas from the world's best minds to solve the problem?  What will it take to make Obama do something, other than chatter vacuosouly about the spill?
    What will it take get him personally angry enough about the calamity to show that he actually cares and, for once is a leader, instead of just being an empty orator seeking votes?  Does he realize how disgusting is his lack of use of the Presidency
    to be a real leader?  He should resign.   He is just not up to the job! 

    But Obama wants to study the cause of the whole mess and he has given British Pete complete operational control of  fixing the problem.  Is it too harsh to say that he is
    afraid to make a decision and is with just passing the buck?   Worse, he is again turning it
    back over to the very "experts" who caused the problem.  I have said before Obama has the backbone of a jellyfish.  One might have hoped he would relate better to the death
    of millions of sea creatures.  While I hope I am totally wrong, Obama's mode of avoiding making big decisions is now all too clear.  I think we are in big trouble with him as President. 

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