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  • MAllen1998 MAllen1998 May 25, 2010 4:00 PM Flag

    Those who called for Green close

    WERE right.

    Still short and will remain so. I can afford to lose one day out of 10 in a row.
    Closed position at $42.45 to see what happens tomorrow.

    Congrats to RECENT Longs..
    This one goes to you.

    Habitual LONGS, Lifers...You are gonna need a lot more help than you got today.

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    • Thats OK. This is a life long stock. It made me lots of money and will continue to do so. Look at their dividends.

    • Lying POS! You don't have the money. Loser.

      • 1 Reply to TheBigNastyOne
      • You are now beginning to bore me...

        If you keep that up, I will have to do without the benefit of your wisdom, and you will have to go back to your boring life with no interaction from people like me.

        You probably know what that means.. I am sure this is not the first time someone has threatened to put you on IGNORE.. It i like being told to go sit in the corner.

        I don't give a rat's ass whether you like what I post or don't. I LIKE what I post.
        If you disagree you are free to post anything you like, but when you personalize it and start saying shit you have no means of having any knowledge of, that gets boring and tedious.

        "I HAVE NO MONEY". You know you can't tell that, nor will I make any attempt to convince you if I am playing with real money or play money.. It is really not as important as you making an ass of yourself suggesting THAT, since you DONT know.

        That is not a rebuttal. That is just plain silly. I could easily tell you I don't enjoy your posts because you are only 5'2". I would be just as silly for saying that. Because I have as good a chance of telling how tall you are as you do whether I have any skin in the game.

        SO if you want to take an issue with what I say, be my guest, If you want to take me on for things I didn't say or things you have no way of knowing, I am not interested .

        Can you follow those basic rules.

    • Bottom is in, a few dead fish will not stop mankind's thirst for Oil. 6 months from now after all is cleaned up, lefe goes on.

    • Glad you closed today, really. You've made more than me, so far (my BP average is $43. I did get TOT at $43 this AM, so I'm a little better than even.

      I'd guess you are waiting out the Top Kill attempt. Planning to short any pop afterward, if it works?

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      • he doesn't own anything long or short, he amuses himself by posting here. He just happens to close out his position on the one up day...right. Yeah I was short at 50 too and covered at 42, I"m so rich now...He's another clown that "pretend" trades and expects kudos when he posts his "results" after the fact....

        I guess no on is concerned that their can be a law to protect businesses that congress can just revoke (apparently) anytime they want....Not saying they shouldn't here because the sum is pretty low, but no one is worried about the precedent it could set. By the way, let's say the UBS estimate of 12 billion is accurate...that's 2 billion more than one month's profits. Assuming that there's 0 insurance, which I'm sure there is, and if you pay it back over 10 years, relatively fast, that's about 12% haircut to profits for 10 years...The stock is almost down 30%...and the div only takes 1 billion to pay.... It's a calculator folks, use it.

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