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  • buryyourmoney buryyourmoney May 25, 2010 11:37 PM Flag

    $39.73 Tomorrow, If 'Top Kill' Fails

    ex-Shell CEO said there was a 40% chance the 'top kill' will not work. Not even as good as Vegas!

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    • jsandri May 26, 2010 12:27 AM Flag

      73.39 when we bomb Iran.

    • Shame on them! They claim they are the only "experts" to deal with the situation since only they know how to deal with this situation. Our gov. doesn't bother stepping, giving them a chance? A mile down, ok ok. Never a contingency plan in place? After a month of tripping over their feet? Who is dealing with the surface oil? This is 2010 and we have all kinds of tech. to deal with a spill and nothing, over a month, has come of it??? What is wrong with this picture? I demand to know why this is happening!!!

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      • Why dont you start with the net to figure out why this is happening. They were using a dispersant that was effective and showed minimal ecological impact in a recent independent test per the providers of the dispersant. However, that was reduced by 75% per demand from the EPA because of political pressure from environmentalists. Ok, which would you choose dispersants proven to be effective with minimal environmental impact, or oil which kills the fish, birds, and everything else it touches..... You can thank the mass mob for that fine piece of decision making.

        The general public can't understand anything else but anger and mob mentality. That pushes onto the politicians and create a vicious cycle that doesnt help the situation, only shoots us in the foot.

        Just like the freakn Lincoln amendment. She's hurting to win her primary, as evident by runoff and takes the emotion of the stupid public to harvest her votes. What that bill does is that takes all the business (and jobs) over to the european banks; when the freakn Volker rule accomplishes the same thing. Eating supersized fries and cokes on our couch in front of the boob toob watching Lost is creating a new generations of sheep that gets easily influenced by the politicians who know how to work the emotions of the people to yield votes. Its sickening.

        Want another example, you can thank the mob for pushing the politicians to make an idiotic statement (that they tucked behind their ass when they retracted the next day) that threatened BP to have the government step in..... Step in and do what? BP is doing all they can and we should continue holding their feet to the fire until they get it sealed.

    • and if BP's stock goes down, his goes up.

    • you're right dude!

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