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  • juryman07 juryman07 May 26, 2010 12:59 AM Flag

    Obama getting a free pass on this spill

    Is Obama Helping BP Avoid Paying Full Damages?

    Fishermen for shrimps and crabs in the Gulf are out of work. Hotels and restaurants for five hundred miles along the Gulf may not
    survive. They have no much less or no money coming in. Because of
    the oil spill and the toxic dispersant used, they will lose their normal livelihoods for years and years. Are they expected to suffer in silence and without a champion of their cause? What is Obama doing to make sure
    they start getting money immediately from British Petroleum?

    Obama is doing nothing! Obama got $71,000 from BP in the last two years as campaign contribution-bribes, much more than any other American politician. Obama has communicated that he favored raising the cap on liability for damage claims in oil spills from a measly $75 million to $10 billion. This is entirely inadequate.

    Obama knows fulls well that the government's own predictions of
    years of job losses and destruction of the gulf ecology are running
    up the cost to at least a $1 trillion. Obama knows what he should do. He should immediately seize all BP assets, before they are
    hidden. He should nationalize BP. This is the only way the US
    tax payer and the poor working people of the Gulf are not wiped out.

    Obama is only listening to his BP buds, at this stage. What a fraud he is!

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