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  • debbie08730 debbie08730 May 26, 2010 7:46 PM Flag

    BP is up 4$ AH now on success news:Check

    LOL...these people are such pests...

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    • You betcha. It a shame you have so many inconsiderate people trying to get attention on these boards.

      I don't mind it on individual stocks that are not faceing a terrible environmental disaster.

      It happens even during a plane crash. THe undesirable ass hol@3 come out of the wood work to blame anyone they can.

      Most of them are lawyers or employees of law firms.

      The scum of the earth. A bunch of ambulance chasers.

      I'm so pissed off because I wrote a piece about two of the most racist people in the world. Jesse Jackson, the terrorist of big business for his own wealth and Shiela Jackson Lee who is ashamed of representing the great state of Texas where I live.

      This may be censored like my other previous messages.

      Our freedom of speach is slowly being taken away.

      Wake up Americans, it's time to fight for what our forefathers and our brave soldiers have fought for over the centuries, freedom according to our constitution. Those that do not respect what made our country what it is, should be squashed.

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