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  • stocksguru98 stocksguru98 May 27, 2010 11:42 PM Flag


    I work for an honest mid size corporation. Smaller corporations cannot operate outside of the law and mislead govt. officials.

    There is nothing wrong with smaller corps. There is something very wrong with too big to fail companies like BP. These are exactly the same companies that fill the coffers of the GOP so that they can continue to make the US into a fascist country.

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    • too big to fail? i don't recall any too big to fail $$$ going to bp.

      now, let's not forget about those big-gov lefties who make huge contributions to support the efforts of those big-gov lefty commiecrats in that commune on the potomac to ransack america. yes indeed, let's not forget them.

      big-gov lefty commiecrats have these characters, among others, in their pockets: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, American Association for Justice, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, National Education Association The Laborers International Union of North America, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), The Carpenters & Joiners Union, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Communications Workers of America The American Federation of Teachers United Auto Workers, The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers United Food & Commercial Workers Union, EMILY’s List (Early Money is Like Yeast; a national political action committee that works to elect pro-choice female Democrats), AFL-CIO, The Sheet Metal Workers International Association, The Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, The International Association of Firefighters, The Air Line Pilots Association, The American Postal Workers union.

      seiu, $28,293,482; 96% to big-gov lefties.

      nea, $30,371,930; 93% to big-gov lefties

      uaw, $26,241,902; 99% to big-gov lefties.

      lawyers, $31,967,129; 91% to big-gov lefties.

      even goldman-sachs is a heavy-hitter. $31,837,427; 64% to big-gov lefties.

      as for big-oil, there's no need to be too hard on big-oil. at least they provide millions of jobs and they provide products that hundreds of millions need and use unlike the looting and control schemes coming from those commiecrats in that commune on the potomac.

      even big-oil does its part to help subsidize all those big-gov lefty schemes. big-gov lefties should be grateful. for instance, in 2008, exxon paid income taxes of $36,530,000,000. that's more than the total amount paid by the entire bottom 50% on their income taxes.

      Income Before Tax $81,750,000,000
      Income Tax Expense $36,530,000,000
      ITR 44.7%

      here's another pathetic big-gov lefty scheme. "...legislation that would provide another $165 billion in bailouts for troubled union pension funds."

      another $165 billion! taxpayers should be burning down the internet and phone lines to those crooks in that commune on the potomac.

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      • LOL! You are truly one brainwashed Mo Fo! It's actually not all that funny since you actually sincerely believe in what you just wrote. Scarry actually.

        First, unions only account for 15% of big business. Right wingers have done their damnest to successfully break up unions. I've got news for you. Do you actually think the non-union auto makers would make anywhere near what they do today if it wasn't for the unions keeping them in check? If you say yes, you are sorely mistaken.

        Also, BP is a too big to fail business. If you can't see that, you are truly a misguided cuss. Any company with the money and power of a middle sized country is TOO BIG TO FAIL you idiot.

        Lastly, so you bring up the fact that social programs costs over $100 billion. That is chump change for the entire federal budget. How about the right wing budget of spending 2/3 of all spending on defense. We spend more than the next 15 countries combined. Also, one bailout of these too big to fail businesses that Bush and Paulson signed into law spent more in one stroke of the pen to bailout wall street than all of the social programs combined.

        You want to talk about big spending? You want to talk about socialism? You want to talk about corruption? You need to look no further than your mirror and the fascists you support!

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