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  • dognamedabu dognamedabu May 28, 2010 4:37 AM Flag


    I don't know your def of right wing but mine is I am ultimately responsible for my life and those around me. If I depend on others or rather expect society to solve my issues, I feel that would be left-wing.

    Not that I am against regulations/laws. I fully support them if used to provide equality under the law (not bank account) including corporation who lobby gov and both walk hand in hand into the power and profits. Left wing/ right wing gov are all left wing, They all want gov to have more power. That is their job. To make rules. Most of the rules are unfair or balanced to favour the biggest donors. All politicos do it.

    Solution, reject both. Vote with $$ and voice. I respect the Tea partiers even though they don't speak with a unified voice they have a clue. This Fasict state which you IMO mistakenly label as being a right-wing ideal is in fact more embraced by leftist and their partners in crime 'lobbist'..No one in that picture is a capitalist. Capitalist know rules are rules but how to win the game anyways. Crook are those who rig it in their favour. The only way a crook can truely rig the system it is with governments help. SEC ect they all are involved. Not a one big grand considerably, just the me me me factor. You can't tell me with a straight face that those who work for gov do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Some may, but they are just suckers like the rest of us when it comes to placing trust in gov., paying taxes and losing our voice and freedoms each passing year.

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