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  • drillers_planno drillers_planno May 30, 2010 4:21 PM Flag

    I'm Sitting In My 50Ft Yacht

    In the Gulf watching these loonies try and fix the oil volcano that's been quite fun to watch. I'm not sure why they're even trying to plug the volcano, it should be left as it is. The sight is truly spectacular, I'm witnessing a myriad of rainbow colors silhouted by blue ocean. Occasionally a dead fish pops up to the surface. I instruct my Mexican servants to collect those and fire them up on the grill, it's less work that I'll have to do and sure beats spending hours fishing just to catch a fish for supper.

    As I browse away on my brand new IPad 3G 64GB while sipping an ice cold margarita prepared by Mexican bartender, I ponder which will be my next car, a Gas Guzzling Escalade with 24" chrome wheels or the Lambo Gallardo? With the billions I've made from Apple stock, I've decided to get both. We have 18 cars back home in sunny Palm Beach, ranging from Ferrari's, to Bentleys, to the legendary Bugati. My wife prefers to drive Escalades because it makes her feel invincible. Nobody ever messes with her on the road when they see her pimped out Escalade decked out in chrome. She often goes shopping with her high society friends who also drive Escalades. I guess they could be what you call Soccer Moms, except she's a very sexy, former beauty pagent winner/cheerleader Soccer Mom who's married to a billionaire.

    We have 3 lovely kids, 12, 15, and 18. They are all straight A students. The 18 year old graduated top of her class and has been accepted to 6 ivy league schools. Wisely, she chose Harvard where she will begin an exciting new life this fall.
    We used to have 15 60" Plasma TV's throughout the Palm Beach mansion, but Plasma TV's became outdated and we have since upgraded to 17 new 60" 3D LCD TV's throughout our mansion/home. They are all made by Samsung. Mr. Samsung himself came to supervise the installation of each unit. We also bought 85 pairs of 3D glasses, one for each member of the family for each TV. We haven't watched many 3D movies yet but soon we will.

    We have 5 vacation homes in Europe, South America, and one in Australia. We love to travel, as we are doing right now in our 50' Yacht. Our Palm Beach home is our main residence where we employ 42 servants, maids, butlers, chauffers, and cooks. We used to have 8 nannies but the kids are old enough now so we let the nannies go. We pay our servants well, some have gone off to become millionaires on their own. We own 37 businesses in Florida alone, ranging from restaurants to condo complexes. We're expanding to open another 18 businesses in California, where we spend a few months out of the year.

    Each of our kids has the latest Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, and MacBook. They are very tech savvy and they're always teaching their parents new tricks on their gadgets. My wife and I also have the latest Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, and MacBook. In fact, we have a storage room full of them. If one of them gets a scratch, we simply toss it and use a brand new one from our storage room.

    Life is good on the Yacht. My wife really enjoys it out here. I'm posting on my wife's account, she will chime in on the next post.

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