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  • fisherman10x fisherman10x Jun 9, 2010 3:21 PM Flag


    Excuse me but the size of the spill is like 10 times larger and so will the cleanup bill be.So it will exceed $100 billion.Plus there are hundreds of millions of jobs affected.If it was just 1 million and you paid them 1 grand in economic damages that is $1 billion.THERE IS HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS AFFECTED.And you cant just pay them a grand?THIS WILL MEAN HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF $ IN ECONOMIC DAMAGES. BP IS VERY BK.

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    • Did the math. You are correct.

    • There are not "hundreds of millions of jobs affected", you stupid fool.

      There are only 160 million jobs in the whole country.

    • your word risk is one YOU are ignoring.not i.

      and you are very much underestimating the total costs to bp by about ten times.

      and at a current net asset value of only $37 billion.even at you puny cost estimates thay are still just as bankrupt.

      your points will be proven wrong just keep buying.i have been short this evil devil's spawn since the 50s so you will not be convincing more dude and keep buying all the way to zero.

    • Granted, no one knows for sure what will happen, but we do know a few things:

      1. BP earned 16 billion is profits last year. So even an 80 billion dollar total cost package would not bankrupt a company with profits like that. Not to even mention that billion upon billions they own in oil reserves.

      2. The pay Czar has already nailed out 20 billion. It's not promised that all of that will be doles out, but again, that number is only 20 billion.

      3. The maximum fine from the government is 75 million dollars.

      4. It would make no sense to bankrupt BP, since every one needs them to give them money.

      5. US and Britain relations are very important right now, and the Prime Minister of England has made it clear that BP should not become a punching bag.

      6. There are many positive developments right now. The relief tunnels are ahead of schedule, and also today we will find out about the new super skimmer.

      7. If you feel the price is not a super sale, then buy something else. There's always risk involved where bigger profits are available.

    • and so your point is that i am short bp for all the reasons stated previously and that i believe this pos is dead,dead,dead so because i believe this and have a position on this belief that somehow bp is now magically saved.and that my points are invalid....your logic is quite astounding...

    • You want to talk BP down because of the position you have taken on the stock.

      Still a sound punt and 1 that will climb whatever spinn you put on it!

    • YOU may believe that sh** they are shoveling.I do not.

      this is classic pump and dump on a dead company.

      it happens at the very end of every dead company.enron,worldcom,aig,lehman,bear sterns.all had the same pumper b.s. liars pushing their stocks onto suckers like you.

      we will see soon.very soon.good luck to you.hopefully they dont take you for a lot.but do not be fooled.this is not an investment.if you are long bp the odds are not good that the last much longer.

    • It's in the interest of every one that BP survives. Anyway, the only people in the world talking about Bankruptcy are people on forums such as these.

      That Middle Eastern funds being sought at being sought to buy stock, not assets. BP's worry is getting taken over, not becoming bankrupt. At this price, even assuming the highest pay outs, BP is still very near an arbitrage play.


      Obama has probably already been paid off. So BP will survive. The only question is will it be half of what it was or a quarter of what it was?

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