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  • platinum_investor platinum_investor Jun 10, 2010 12:40 AM Flag

    Bp Bankrupcy will Hammer Millions of Pensioners in UK

    Your funny....

    a company that can make 20+ BILLIOn a year profit will go bankrupt.

    Your getting caught up in to much of the US media hype

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    • First of all they only made $14 Billion.
      Second, they are facing damages over $100 Billion..

      Yeah, they are short a few Sterlings..
      I think the market has spoken and taken a $60 sock and cut it in half.. You might be in the minority of you have other ideas.

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      • If it was so obvious there will be $100bn in damages they would already be bankrupt and the stock would be at $0. The fact is the numbers don't add up yet. How do you figure $100bn? And I don't want to hear about the poor birds and fish and how long you think everything will be dirty. Have you tried to do the math of # of fisherman, economic output of fishing for Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc, amount of economic output from tourism in those states? Right now the math doesn't add up, yet, and that's why the stock is still trading today.

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