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  • igurumo igurumo Jun 12, 2010 10:20 AM Flag

    short BP?

    I expect BP to rise Monday. No way would I be shorting here.

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    • igurumo,

      Could you explain WHY shorting BP at this point would be a high risk move? What could initiate short covering and new buyers? Who is going to wake up on Monday morning, shave, and then say, "BP is where I want to be, based on the suspended dividend and a doubled federal estimate of the actual blowout flow last week?"

      Certainly, many investors bought these shares as they fell through numerous support levels, lured by the hefty dividend, which is now effectively gone--Try going to your bank and borrowing against the suspended BP dividend of the shares you might own....Forget it. Many of these folks will throw in the towel on Monday, or their stop losses will kick in......

    • How many company can make $20B a year and P/E under 5?

      BP can make enough $ to pay for any future claim. Anybody think BP will BK is an idiot.

      Short BP at $34 at your own risk!

    • As long as oil is floating towards the penisula of Florida I would be very hesitant to go long. How many tar balls on the beach does it take for grandma to tell grandpa, " Call our broker and sell BP for ruining our beach ?"
      Florida is where BP's stock price will really come under pressure as oil washes upon their shore. After that the current splits into 2 and circles back to the Gulf and the other split heads up the eastern seaboard. I have the Oct35 puts so I knew in advance that this was going to take a while to play out.

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