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  • Highlowsel Highlowsel Jun 13, 2010 8:48 AM Flag

    Whose Fault is it?

    Indeed. And perhaps that's the key. What does less sophisticated mean when it comes to this sort of thing? Is it less sophisticated to conduct yourself with one eye always on the future and how your actions impact it? Is it less sophisticated to think less consumeristically and more in terms of what's good for all of us? Is it less sophisticated to recognize ways of life that are unsustainable and begin to comport your behavior, both as an individual and as a nation, accordingly?

    If so then count me among the uncouth and less sophisticated "class." There's a reason why I end all my posts as I do; and that writers commentary touches upon it.

    American Citizen

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    • When we refer to the entire Gulf of Mexico as the Dead Sea , it won't matter whose fault it is. It will matter that we cannot stop it yet & SHOULDN"T ALLOW other COMPANIES to engage in the same BEHAVIOR. NO MATTER HOW MUCH $$$ or Goods they PROMISE US.

      WHAT is more important ?

      Being able to breathe, drink the water & go to the beach or

      being able to drive using oil products.

      The problem is we have allowed oil companies & car companies to dictate to us.

      Its time we change that : For the good of our planet.

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      • Are you still riding your motorcycle? Good, but are you drinking your coffee/tea from a styrofoam cup, if using a ceramic cup, do you know how many 000's of styrofoam cups you would have to use to offset the energy requirements to fire that cup ? How about square footage of your NY dwelling, could it be less? Mr. Green (Al Gore) has just filed for divorce and bought a Beverly Hills mansion, two households, OMG imagine the carbon footprint.

        Contraction economics in a growing population=famine and pestilence, war and misery. I read somewhere if WM stopped buying from China a 100 million Chinese would starve (don't necessairly believe that one, but wouldn't help). Broke nations lending to each other is disaster waiting to happen.

        Let's face it, stuffing the genie back into the bottle is impossible because there are no genie's. Problem is, one man's excess is another man's sustenance.

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