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  • tlee22202 tlee22202 Jun 13, 2010 12:11 PM Flag

    BP bankruptcy = Wallstreet sell-off contagion read why

    There are also over 20,000 Americans who work for BP.
    I would hope Obama realizes this. Right now he has to put on a big show to prove that he cares. He will probably ease up substantially on the amount of the fines after the leak has been fixed. This country cannot afford to lose BP

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    • You are a moron, putting BP into recievership through a special purpose vehicle would actually save the majority or all the jobs, its just that the shareholders get nothing.

      BP is dangerous liability and needs to be put into immediate bankruptcy, Washington DC does not see this as a contagion yet but many on Wallstreet do.

      Let it be known that putting BP into immediate recievership would be under the responsibility of little Timmy Geithner and the Fed and we know they are the speedest guns in the OK Corral, lol, SIKE!!!!!

      Its going to be to late by the time BP is sent to recievership and that means we will have bank fail, looks like to me, it will be Bank of America

      You as an investor can do your own Due Diligence but I think you will arrive to the same synopsis as I did.

      Another thing I have learned, Thad Allen needs his A$$ kicked by the president because I saw an interview where he clearly stated that if He wanted to He could summon BP to clean up and do what the US government wants them to do, He is the guy that pushes the button for that summon but He kept saying that would put BP in jeporady because they may not be able to act upon the US government wishes immediately thus causing BP to be subject to federal criminal charges and civil charges.

      That means this Fool, Thad Allen, has the power but he is sitting on his A$$, He even said in enough words, He didn't give a damn because He is Retiring effectively July 1st, 2010.

      Thad Allen is the reason why BP is so slow!!!

      Someone should egg the guy's car and house!!!

      Matter of fact they should throw oil at his door!!!

      Thad Allen in his own words said they speak to BP informally only!!!

      That pissed me off when I heard that.

      Because of this Bozo named Thad Allen; America, the Presidential Administration, the UK, and the World has to suffer.

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      • You seem to have a lot of anger towards BP and want to bring the company down. When did you first begin to have these feelings?

        You realize that around 40% of their shares are owned by Americans. Have you checked your holdings? You may be long BP either directly or indirectly. For example, BAC is the 3rd largest shareholder of BP stock in this country. A lot of pension funds are holding BP. Your parents will probably be affected.

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