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  • c1smittycc c1smittycc Jun 14, 2010 10:06 PM Flag

    clinton - exempted oil wells drilled deep

    Clinton allowed the drilling. Further, while i am not familiar enough to comment on your post, if what was being done was irresponsible why was it not stopped with a Dem controlled house senate and President? If you are aware of it, certainly members in the Dem party were. They had 16 months before the spill and actually had control of the houses since o6. I think your post is a little lame at this point.

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    • rmbs_turds_clog_my_toi1et rmbs_turds_clog_my_toi1et Jun 14, 2010 10:08 PM Flag

      The reality is that the goptards wanted all this drilling, now you pretend to be the tree huggers of the ocean. you ran a candidate in 2008 who you cheered when she yelled drill baby drill, now you deal with the consequences of that idiocy. lol

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      • Palin did not win. If she had she is an Oil oriented leader as was Bush and there would have been no spill. Bush was way to aware of consequences. His departure left no oversight with the new administration. Rahm Emanuel was a ballet dancer, Dean a Dr, Axelrod ?? What has been talked about, healthcare and queers in the military. foreclosures unemployment, national debt, oil spills while delegation is necessary, oversight and accountability should be demanded. The issue now should be stopping the leak, then as far as BP is concerned and the other companies involved, put them in jail for lying about being able to handle this situation and spend there money to clean it up. jmo have a nice day

      • The said drill, off-shore , drill babt before bp accident....
        obama fell in love with off-shore drilling.....

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