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  • ttrades4me ttrades4me Jun 24, 2010 2:34 PM Flag

    Republicans attituude


    Forget the people! Pro-business YEAH!

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    • Bush administration reversed Clinton requirement to model deepwater spills
      by Jed Lewison
      Share this on Twitter - Bush administration reversed Clinton requirement to model deepwater spills Thu Jun 24, 2010 at 07:00:48 AM PDT
      If you were developing a plan for responding to an oil spill caused by deepwater offshore drilling, it seems like you should be required to include a model in which you assume that the spill takes place below the surface in deepwater conditions, right?

      Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, despite the seemingly obvious nature of that proposition, Federal regulators in the Bush administration eliminated that requirement. Instead of modeling deepwater spills in deepwater conditions, the Minerals Management Service -- the agency charged with regulating offshore drilling -- limited its models to surface spills, allowing the oil industry to develop response plans based on faulty data.

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      • Probably a mistake but one that Obama had much time to correct.

        We know that the Gulf was not prepared to deal with this spill. I think that goes back to many different Administrations and the failure of the States to organize to protect themselves and also lobby in Congress for the support they needed.

        It is ridiculous to try to blame things on one person when you have a systematic failure to be prepared.

        Republican Administrations have in the past cut off funding for projects that they thought were too sciencefictiony like automated highways. That is certainly a pattern.

        But we are a nation of States not just a Federal government and States can take matters into their own hands.

        After all the fate of the GOM should be most important to the States that border the GOM. Other States have their own concerns.

        Planning is something that neither Political Party supports. It costs money and does not gain immediate votes.

      TIME - Nov 14, 1988
      "Ronald Reagan kept it up with his allusions to "welfare queens" and the " strapping young buck" using food stamps to buy a T-bone steak. ... ",2275149&dq=reagan+linda+taylor.
      Eugene Register-Guard - Google News Archive - Feb 9, 1976

      "by John Fialka of the Washington Ster

      Few people realize it, but Linda Taylor, a 47-year old, Chicago welfare recipient, has become a major campaign issue in the New Hampshire presidential primary. Former California governor Ronald Reagan has referred to her at nearly every stop, using her as part of his "Citizens Press Conference" format. "There's a woman in Chicago," Reagan said last week to an audience in at Gilford. as part of his free-swinging attack on welfare abuses...."

      MEANWHILE, folks who buy the message above vote the interests of the top one percent and help to advance this.:

      (bottom of page 32)

      "..A complete update of the wealth figures to 2009 is beyond the scope of the present study. However, it is possible to provide a partial update of the wealth figures to July 1, 2009 based on two notable developments....

      ...Trends in inequality are also interesting.... The share of the top 1 percent advanced from 34.6 to 37.1 percent, that of the top 5 percent from 61.8 to 65 percent, and that of the top quintile from 85 to 87.7 percent, while that of the second quintile fell from 10.9 to 10 percent, that of the middle quintile from 4 to 3.1 percent, and that of the bottom two quintiles from 0.2 to -0.8 percent. There was also a large expansion in the share of households with zero or negative net worth, from 18.6 to 24.1 percent."

    • Historically stock markets have done better in Democratic Administrations than in Republican Administrations.

      Generally both Republicans and Democrats are pro-business.

      Government generally does not produce much that can be consumed nor does it create many jobs. There are exceptions like public utilities and mainly in the past communications and postal service.

      Some think Democrats are more favorable towards small businesses and Republicans towards large businesses but to get 50% of the votes cast, both parties have to be fairly broad in who they appeal to.

      There are not enough rich people and CEO's to win an election and most of them support both parties to hedge their bets.

      Only the "small" people do not understand that


      But every once in a while we get a real dummy as President. At least Bush attempted to do fairly little other than start wars. This guy wants to shake everything up and has.

      Sometimes less is more.

      Good luck helps too.

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      • im afraid to rattle your republican brain, but things do need to be 'rattled'. do you not see where this is all leading to dumbo? America has 5 or 10 years tops and the music stops. you idiots that think we should just keeping running on auto-pilot until the crashes into a mountain need to turn off FOX news and clear your heads. Now the dumbocrats have no answers either, we need to eliminate both parties somehow, but this requires idiots like you all across america to wake the **** up.....not gonna happen is it?

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