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  • ewblanchard ewblanchard Jun 25, 2010 12:57 PM Flag

    Questions for BP - What is really going on?


    If BP and the USG were more inclined to transparency, a lot of this aggravation could be avoided. You will never convince the conspiracy theorists; it is a life style they enjoy. But the MSM would not be quite as far out there if they were presented factual information, even if they couldn’t understand it.

    Just doing a quick review of this long post I came up with this list of questions BP or the USG could answer that would indicate some transparency.

    Have you found any seabed leaks of oil and gas?

    Edit – Evidently this was answered by USCG at a press conference with an emphatic “No”. No seabed leak, no washing away of the well head foundation, no traction for the DougR theory.

    Do you believe there are any leaks from the well into other formations? If so, which ones?

    Has the inclination of the BOP changed? By how much?

    Describe the “disk failure” at 1,000 feet.

    Are you concerned about the structural integrity of the BOP?, wellhead?, the LMRP?, the casing?

    Describe the formation levels.

    What are the current pressure readings inside the BOP?, the historical readings?

    Is there any indication of seabed movement at the base of the BOP?

    What are the ROVs doing when they are looking at the seabed?

    What is the little black box the ROVs place on the riser?

    I could go on for pages. I understand that BP has legal reasons why they won’t comment on the flow rates or what happened to cause the blowout. But there are reams of information that they could be providing the public.

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