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  • cspanosmwc cspanosmwc Jul 12, 2010 8:40 AM Flag

    Oil LEAK stopped! Disaster averted. Liberals WEEP.

    The people that proport to be environmentalists were praying for the WORST. Instead we see the leak stopped and that this disaster has been over hyped and is not remotely as bad as it was thought to be.
    Anti big oil and anti capitalism is really just liberals that are frustrated with the inability to control and redistute wealth.
    Liberalism is an ideology of failure and victimhood. Its very clear to everyone what deceit exists in the democrat party.

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    • Obviously this guy is a right wing "drill baby drill", tea party, bigoted, racist, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Idiot. IGNORE.....

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      • You forgot to add bible clutching, gun toting red state hillbilly.

        YOU ARE A STUPID LIBERAL DRONE reading talking points off a Communist blog riddled with white guilt.

        You are just another powerless liberal that has lost the last few pennies of your life savings shorting a stock that should never have gone under $30.

        Liberalism is a dead ideology. You are exposed as a failure and what little power your party has left will be taken from it in the next few years.

    • 1) The oil leak is NOT stopped. 2) Disaster averted ? WHAAAT ? DID the billions of gallons of oil magically get sucked back in the hole ? Go down to Florida and walk on an oil soaked beach or marsh and walk up to an unemployed fisherman or hotel worker and say - thank god that whole oil thing was diverted ! - and see how long it takes to get a punch to the face.

    • Horizon disaster:

      They said their investigation is "raising serious questions" about decisions made in the days and hours before the explosion on the drilling rig that sank. According to the committee's investigation, other decisions also "posed a tradeoff between cost and safety," including:-- BP saved $7 million to $10 million by using a more risky option for the well casing, or steel tubing. The safer method, known as the liner-tieback option, would have provided more barriers to prevent the flow of natural gas up the space between the steel tubes and the well wall.

      -- BP decided against a nine- to 12-hour procedure known as a "cement bond log" that would have tested the integrity of the cement. Although the company had a team from Schlumberger, a leading oil services firm, onboard the rig, BP sent the team home, saying its services were not needed.

      -- BP did not fully circulate drilling mud, which would have taken as long as 12 hours. That would have helped detect any pockets of gas, which later shot up the well and exploded on the deck of the drilling rig.

      -- BP did not secure the connections, or casing hangers, between pipes of different diameters.

      Read more:


      BP's goose is cooked!

      BP may be in the process of selling some of its Prudhoe Bay properties to raise money, but there are still analysts that believe BP will file for bankruptcy if the flow of crude into the Gulf cannot be stanched.

      Exxon would have to take on BP’s huge liabilities to make a purchase, which makes the rumor unlikely.

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      • decisions are ALWAYS a trade off between something or other.
        Everyone everyday does the same thing.
        We all make decisions that are compromises. Next time you go to the store are you going to buy the most expensive things you can find for everything you want?

      • No doubt that those that made the decisions on the well were totally negligent.
        This wouldn't have happened had short cuts not been taken.
        What it has taught us is that best practices and immense caution need be taken when you drill this deep.
        BP will assuredly fire a number of individuals that ran this rig.
        But the damage to their reputation and balance sheet is done and will only improve from here.

        We are talking about 100B in loss in 3 months. Thats about as severe a hit as I have ever witnessed.

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