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  • xtremesk11er xtremesk11er Jul 25, 2010 9:30 PM Flag

    You do know, from a business standpoint. Hayward leaving is bad...

    Did a lot in terms of helping the co become more profitable and efficient. This is actually bad for the company in every aspect but PR.

    Its a PR stunt and unfortunately Hayward had to take the fall after committing 28 yrs of his life to the company. Expect a top-notch compensation package for his leave.

    Whoever takes his place has very big shoes to fill and a crisis to finish.

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    • I'm sure there remains a number of questions as he is leaving.

      In my mind there are two:

      1. If Hayward was involved in BP's negotiation with Libya for oil contracts and BP was negotiating for prisoner releases in the UK, and these prisoners were not al-Meghri, who could they have been?

      2. Why was he so willing to contract with Iraq for such a low rate per barrel in one of the largest oil fields in the world that needed the most investment?

      In terms of safety issues and Macondo, Hayward will most likely take his $14M+ and happily leave.

      He can insist on his priorities "like a laser" and leave BP and the US subsidiary with the bag.

      He didn't have anything to do with it most likely, and probably resents the fact he was to visit under such tragic circumstances apologizing and answering for the misdeeds of his company.

      It isn't going to be long now.

    • I would have to totally disagree. BP's record of safety violations while under his tenure has been horrific. They will pay dearly for the latest violation. Hayward should be tarred and feathered in a public square. His leaving is the first right move they have made in months.

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