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  • castcore castcore Aug 1, 2010 4:54 PM Flag

    Does BP have a case of Due Process violation by US Government?

    I have read in a couple places that the real reason Hayward was let go was because he was simly too conceding to the US Government. There are people in Britain and within BP that believe that the US Government has severely breached BP's due process rights. THe new CEO Dudley has already hired many firms specializing in Constituition law and they will be going after Eric Holder and the US Government. Do they have a case here? Because from where I sit, it does seem the US, egged on by the media, did pretty much try and judge BP before their day in court?

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    • Well, there has been no taking by force. There has been no governmental proceeding where life, liberty or property was taken without "notice and an opportunity to be heard"---so where is the violation?

      Rolling over is not a due process violation.

    • "Does BP have a case of Due Process violation by US Government?"



      There is a "open and shut" prima facie case against BP's actions in the Gulf of Mexico.

      The U.S. Government has been much too lenient continued cortol over the crime scene.

      For example:

      1.) How much Oil has been spilled.

      2.) How much Corextit EC9627A was used and how much 2-Butoxyethanol and kerosene has been released into the Gulf of Mexico.

      3.) Why wasn't this BP spill declared by the EPA as a "toxic waste cleanup site" requireing the cleanup responders to have 40 hours of hazmat training and full and appropriate hazmat suits.

      4.) How many more will die in the future as the result of these actions.

    • All of the BP Execs already testified before congress that they accepted responsibility and would pay all costs. Now you think some judge will let them off the hook ? Not going to happen. They admitted blame and responsibility under oath, if now they say they are not responsible it would be perjury !

    • Obama, and his minions in the "Justice" Department, are tyrants. They pursue their ideological and political objectives regardless of constitutional fit. Witness not only the $20 billion theft from BP, but the whole core idea of Obamacare, which is that the gov't can FORCE people to buy health insurance who don't want it. And of course there is the rip off of Chrysler bondholders. And the way they let the New Black Liberation Army intimidate voters with impugnity. My advice is to vote the whole Obama cabal out of office as soon as possible, while we still have voting rights.

    • I don't think BP will pay out 20 billion more 10-13.
      US goverment jumped all over BP,it was wrong but that is the goverment.

    • You betcha. It's all a legal battle from here. In the end it will be settled and every legal point counts. Were they "threatened" in any way before agreeing to the still unsigned $20 billion fund? Of course they were. Did the government delay the cap? Yes they did because they were afraid to cut off the riser. All these will be factors in the final settlement.

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